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Environmental Street Furniture

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  • Environmental Street Furniture: Portiqoa Park Bench
    Portiqoa Park Bench
    Environmental Street Furniture
    The Portiqoa outdoor seat has curved sides made of aluminium alloy. The continuous lamella frame arches to below the seat strengthening the entire structure. Individually shaped armrests can be placed in the middle to...
  • Environmental Street Furniture: Limpido steel seats and benches
    Limpido steel seats and benches
    Environmental Street Furniture
    Limpido seating, part of the Signature Collection, is made from a strong structure of galvanised steel rods which can be powder-coated. Seats are available with or without backrests.
  • Environmental Street Furniture: Prax Litter Bin
    Prax Litter Bin
    Environmental Street Furniture
    The Prax litter bin has a steel outer shell, curved canopy and lockable door. It is suitable for use in a variety of urban and park settings: outer shell: galvanised steel sheet coated with a powdered paint finish; lockable...
  • Environmental Street Furniture: Stellar Bench with USB mobile device charging
    Stellar Bench with USB mobile device charging
    Environmental Street Furniture
    The award-winning Stellar Bench, designed and manufactured by ESF, is a versatile outdoor bench that offers USB mobile device charging and utilises solar energy without the need for electricity. Its simple design allows...
  • Environmental Street Furniture: Nanuk Litter Bin
    Nanuk Litter Bin
    Environmental Street Furniture
    The Nanuk litter bin is available in round or square shapes and sits on a central leg. It has a galvanised steel frame sprayed with a powder baked coating: grooved wooden siding; galvanized steel sheet; stainless steel...
  • Environmental Street Furniture: Vera Solo outdoor bench
    Vera Solo outdoor bench
    Environmental Street Furniture
    The universal modular kit built onto the Vera bench series is designed for all environments. It offers easy access from both sides and minimal maintenance is required. The wide seat and reduction in the number of legs...
  • Environmental Street Furniture: Crystal fully-enclosed all-steel outdoor litter bin
    Crystal fully-enclosed all-steel outdoor litter bin
    Environmental Street Furniture
    Crystal is a fully enclosed all-steel litter and recycling bin with a geometric shape and sturdy galvanised steel construction. The triple litter bin for sorted waste is a variation which is particularly popular. The dog...
  • Environmental Street Furniture: Woody Park Bench
    Woody Park Bench
    Environmental Street Furniture
    The Woody outdoor bench is made from a solid grate of wooden boards securely anchored by six stainless steel screws. The block rests on galvanised steel legs. Other than being impregnated to repell insects, the wood is left...
  • Environmental Street Furniture: Blocq Park Bench
    Blocq Park Bench
    Environmental Street Furniture
    Blocq is available as a backless bench or seat with backrest. The supporting legs and backrest fixtures are made from galvanised steel with a powdered paint coating. The seat and backrest are made from wooden lamellas and...
  • Environmental Street Furniture: Florium Planter
    Florium Planter
    Environmental Street Furniture
    Florium planters can be supplied circular or square. They have a galvanised steel frame and can be clad with galvanised steel sheet with a powder paint finish, or wooden slats. The inner bin is made of galvanised sheet. The...
  • Environmental Street Furniture: Simplicity Collection picnic table and seats
    Simplicity Collection picnic table and seats
    Environmental Street Furniture
    The picnic table and seating unit from the Simplicity Collection offers an affordable option for most outdoor situations.
  • Environmental Street Furniture: Elias Bollard
    Elias Bollard
    Environmental Street Furniture
    Elias is a slim, geometrically-shaped bollard that features a longitudinal cavity. Embossed municipal emblems made of zinc alloy can be embedded into the body of the bollard upon request. Low voltage LED lighting can be...
  • Environmental Street Furniture: STAND UP sanitiser dispenser
    STAND UP sanitiser dispenser
    Environmental Street Furniture
    The STAND UP pedestal hand sanitiser dispenser helps businesses to provide a safe place for staff, customers, clients and visitors by ensuring everyone has access to hand sanitiser, gloves and face masks: supports sanitiser...
  • Environmental Street Furniture: Senergy Smart Bench solar charging station
    Senergy Smart Bench solar charging station
    Environmental Street Furniture
    The Senergy Smart Bench is powered by solar energy and can be used to charge mobile devices, for environmental sensing, free emergency call and local info in public spaces: parks and public spaces; sport arenas; resorts;...
  • Environmental Street Furniture: Double Decker Bus recycling bin
    Double Decker Bus recycling bin
    Environmental Street Furniture
    The Double Decker Bus Bin is one of the most recent additions to ESF’s Style range. It features four liners to separate waste for recycling with different shape and size apertures, it also features specially designed...