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Sutcliffe Play

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  • Sutcliffe Play: Small seesaw (TNB030)
    Small seesaw (TNB030)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The TNB030 small seesaw is suitable for children aged between 2 and 8 years of age. It encourages both physical play and social interaction.
  • Sutcliffe Play: 4-way seesaw (FWS001)
    4-way seesaw (FWS001)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The 4-way seesaw accommodates up to four people, including parents and carers as well as children. Creating an up and down motion for children seated at each end, large handles offer a secure grip and help prevent users...
  • Sutcliffe Play: Charlie the Plane seesaw (SSB850)
    Charlie the Plane seesaw (SSB850)
    Sutcliffe Play
    Charlie the plane is a colourful, double-fronted seesaw for 2 children with a plane on one side and a sky scene on the other. It features a spinning propeller to the front. Charlie uses a ROSTA mechanism which has a...