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Sutcliffe Play

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  • Sutcliffe Play: Single Point swing seat (SRR106-108)
    Single Point swing seat (SRR106-108)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The SRR106-108 Single Point swing seat has been designed as a safer, more durable option to the traditional tyre swing, and is suitable for children over 6 years of age. It is tough and resilient, and has a low impact rating...
  • Sutcliffe Play: 2.4m swing (SWB082)
    2.4m swing (SWB082)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The SWB082 swing is a 2.4m high swing with two seats. It is provided complete with bumper seats and chains. Bumper seats can be changed for cradle or pod seats if required.
  • Sutcliffe Play: Cobra multi-user swing (COB001)
    Cobra multi-user swing (COB001)
    Sutcliffe Play
    Cobra is a challenging multi-user swing where up to 6 children of varied ages and abilities can all swing together. The swing requires teamwork and balance to get the rope seat moving: multi-user - encourages co-operation;...
  • Sutcliffe Play: Rubber nest swing seat (SRR150BLK)
    Rubber nest swing seat (SRR150BLK)
    Sutcliffe Play
    This 1.2m inclusive rubber nest swing seat is designed like bird’s nest and enables children of all abilities to swing together, for a more sociable experience. It has a comfortable, continuous moulded rubber seating surface...
  • Sutcliffe Play: Pod seat for swings with 8mm chains (SRE480)
    Pod seat for swings with 8mm chains (SRE480)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The SRE480 Pod seat is designed for swings with 8mm chains. It safely holds the child, using their weight to pull it closer to them. The seats are easy to get in an out of and are significantly lighter than standard cradle...