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  • Sutcliffe Play: Assault course modular play system (PZU345)
    Assault course modular play system (PZU345)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The PZU345 assault course features high decks with very challenging accesses and is suitable for children up to 14 years of age. The unit includes a pull-up ramp, a 1.5m rope climb, a hoop climber, a 2.4m climbing wall and a...
  • Sutcliffe Play: Wipe Out (SWD450)
    Wipe Out (SWD450)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The Wipe Out SWD450 has been designed for children aged between 8-15 years old. It requires good balance and co-ordination skills from the users and encourages social interaction.
  • Sutcliffe Play: Oyster roundabout (SWD550)
    Oyster roundabout (SWD550)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The Oyster SWD550 roundabout combines a large shallow dish with a flat seating platform, encouraging both social interaction and playful activity. It has a corrosion-resistant, hot dip galvanised frame and a hardwearing,...
  • Sutcliffe Play: Sling Shot seesaw (SWD400)
    Sling Shot seesaw (SWD400)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The SWD400 Sling Shot is a large, dynamic, sweeping seesaw, offering the user two different types of movement: a rocking movement and the traditional up and down tilt. As this product can accelerate to high levels of speeds,...
  • Sutcliffe Play: SNUG play elements for curving, undulating playscapes
    SNUG play elements for curving, undulating playscapes
    Sutcliffe Play
    SNUG products consist of a family of large-scale, modular play elements – curves, connectors and ends – that children can use separately or together in any combination. They fit together in a variety of ways to create...
  • Sutcliffe Play: Shop and Slide modular play system (DZU025)
    Shop and Slide modular play system (DZU025)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The Shop and Slide DZU025 is a modular play system. Featuring continuous rubber crawl/shuffle decks that are only 150mm apart, this large unit allows inclusive play and is suitable for tiny toddlers. Various play panels are...
  • Sutcliffe Play: Ladybird Springie (SSB200)
    Ladybird Springie (SSB200)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The Ladybird Springie SSB200 is specifically designed for more inclusive play. It offers a seating arrangement that allows the child to get on and off without assistance and provides good support whilst rocking.
  • Sutcliffe Play: 2.4m swing (SWB082)
    2.4m swing (SWB082)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The SWB082 swing is a 2.4m high swing with two seats. It is provided complete with bumper seats and chains. Bumper seats can be changed for cradle or pod seats if required.
  • Sutcliffe Play: Low rotator (TZA036)
    Low rotator (TZA036)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The Low Rotator TZA036 is a challenging three-station rotator, requiring strength, balance and co-ordination. The children control the speed themselves. Centrifugal forces mean that as they lean in, the rotator goes faster,...
  • Sutcliffe Play: Dish roundabout (SWD100)
    Dish roundabout (SWD100)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The SWD100 dish roundabout is a rotating dish that encourages inclusive play, as well as very fast, dynamic action. The rocking and rotating motion, along with the good body support and security given by the dish shape, make...
  • Sutcliffe Play: 1.2m embankment slide (TSL110)
    1.2m embankment slide (TSL110)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The TSL110 1.2m embankment slide is suitable for children between 4 and 10 years of age. It is manufactured from 2.5mm thick sheet steel with smooth, stainless steel beading along the edges.
  • Sutcliffe Play: Toddlerzone Boat Climber unit
    Toddlerzone Boat Climber unit
    Sutcliffe Play
    The Toddlerzone Boat Climber is a boat-themed play unit that is suitable for young children aged 2 to 6 years. The decks are manufactured from 9mm-thick soft rubber moulded to a steel plate and secured to a steel frame. They...
  • Sutcliffe Play: Toddlerzone Hide and Slide play unit
    Toddlerzone Hide and Slide play unit
    Sutcliffe Play
    The Toddlerzone Hide and Slide play unit is suitable for children aged 2 to 6 years. It features a 1200mm-high slide, a climbing ramp, a ladder and a ring climb. It also has a hidden seating area underneath the main deck.
  • Sutcliffe Play: Youthzone Meet and Slide tower
    Youthzone Meet and Slide tower
    Sutcliffe Play
    The Youthzone Meet and Slide tower combines a covered tunnel slide, a flexi-rope climb and a climbing wall, with seating areas in and around the tower. With 600mm step heights, access is restricted for younger children and...
  • Sutcliffe Play: Playzone School Climber unit (PZU152)
    Playzone School Climber unit (PZU152)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The Playzone School Climber is an agility system that is designed specifically for primary schools but is equally suitable for unsupervised play areas. It offers progressively challenging climbs, making it suitable for a...