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  • Sutcliffe Play: Oyster roundabout (SWD550)
    Oyster roundabout (SWD550)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The Oyster SWD550 roundabout combines a large shallow dish with a flat seating platform, encouraging both social interaction and playful activity. It has a corrosion-resistant, hot dip galvanised frame and a hardwearing,...
  • Sutcliffe Play: Themed playground equipment
    Themed playground equipment
    Sutcliffe Play
    When children are presented with a platform that enables them to use their imagination and creativity, they are instantly transported to another world. Sutcliffe Play's themed play range has been created to encourage...
  • Sutcliffe Play: 1.2m embankment slide (TSL110)
    1.2m embankment slide (TSL110)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The TSL110 1.2m embankment slide is suitable for children between 4 and 10 years of age. It is manufactured from 2.5mm thick sheet steel with smooth, stainless steel beading along the edges.
  • Sutcliffe Play: Toddlerzone Hide and Slide play unit
    Toddlerzone Hide and Slide play unit
    Sutcliffe Play
    The Toddlerzone Hide and Slide play unit is suitable for children aged 2 to 6 years. It features a 1200mm-high slide, a climbing ramp, a ladder and a ring climb. It also has a hidden seating area underneath the main deck.
  • Sutcliffe Play: Rubber nest swing seat (SRR150BLK)
    Rubber nest swing seat (SRR150BLK)
    Sutcliffe Play
    This 1.2m inclusive rubber nest swing seat is designed like bird’s nest and enables children of all abilities to swing together, for a more sociable experience. It has a comfortable, continuous moulded rubber seating surface...
  • Sutcliffe Play: Mini Town Country activity panel (MTU003)
    Mini Town Country activity panel (MTU003)
    Sutcliffe Play
    Mini Town is a range of themed panels which can be combined together to create a ‘backdrop’ for a child’s imagination as they play. Each HPL panel is supported by powder coated steel posts set at angles. Mini Town creates a...
  • Sutcliffe Play: 2.4m swing (SWB082)
    2.4m swing (SWB082)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The SWB082 swing is a 2.4m high swing with two seats. It is provided complete with bumper seats and chains. Bumper seats can be changed for cradle or pod seats if required.
  • Sutcliffe Play: Toddlerzone Boat Climber unit
    Toddlerzone Boat Climber unit
    Sutcliffe Play
    The Toddlerzone Boat Climber is a boat-themed play unit that is suitable for young children aged 2 to 6 years. The decks are manufactured from 9mm-thick soft rubber moulded to a steel plate and secured to a steel frame. They...
  • Sutcliffe Play: Ladybird Springie (SSB200)
    Ladybird Springie (SSB200)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The Ladybird Springie SSB200 is specifically designed for more inclusive play. It offers a seating arrangement that allows the child to get on and off without assistance and provides good support whilst rocking.
  • Sutcliffe Play: Assault course modular play system (PZU345)
    Assault course modular play system (PZU345)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The PZU345 assault course features high decks with very challenging accesses and is suitable for children up to 14 years of age. The unit includes a pull-up ramp, a 1.5m rope climb, a hoop climber, a 2.4m climbing wall and a...
  • Sutcliffe Play: Cobra multi-user swing (COB000)
    Cobra multi-user swing (COB000)
    Sutcliffe Play
    Cobra is a challenging multi-user swing where up to 6 children of varied ages and abilities can all swing together. The swing requires teamwork and balance to get the rope seat moving: multi-user - encourages co-operation;...
  • Sutcliffe Play: Zip wires / lines
    Zip wires / lines
    Sutcliffe Play
    Zip wires / lines are available in 20, 25, 30 and 35m lengths. They can be modified to suit different site requirements, with ramp options for sites without a natural gradient. The start and finish stations have a tripod...
  • Sutcliffe Play: Toddlerzone Play Fence unit
    Toddlerzone Play Fence unit
    Sutcliffe Play
    The Toddlerzone Play Fence is ideally suited for nurseries with children aged 1 to 6 years and it is a perfect addition for fill-ins along paths. The following options are available oxo rail,; abacus rail,; rotary puzzle...
  • Sutcliffe Play: Vortex multi-play unit (PNU003)
    Vortex multi-play unit (PNU003)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The Vortex multi-play unit features a range of bow-shaped activities and suspended rope elements to help create a dynamic experience for users. This unit is named after a unique traversing element called ‘Vortex’, consisting...
  • Sutcliffe Play: Inclusive scooter roundabout (SIR000)
    Inclusive scooter roundabout (SIR000)
    Sutcliffe Play
    The inclusive scooter roundabout is designed to offer functionality and durability without compromising fun. It can accommodate a wheelchair, two users in the seated position and more standing. The scooter enables the users...