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Practicality Brown's arboricultural services include supply, transplanting, surgery and consultancy.

Tree moving

Practicality Brown has a range of  tree spade machines that can transplant trees up to 100cm in girth, including:

• 1.1m tree spade mounted on a compact loader for trees up to 100mm diameter/30cm girth.
• 1.6m truck mounted tree spade for trees up to 160mm diameter/50cm girth

Larger trees can be moved according to species and soil types, speak to us for specifica details, which may include a reduction in crown size.

Very large trees

Trees too large or inaccessible to a tree spade machine can be moved using the traditional frame-and-crane method according to size, position and soil type. This involves digging around the tree and fitting a special frame which is then lifted by mobile crane either to a nearby position or onto a lorry to transport the tree to its new position, where it is then lifted off and replanted by crane.

Why move trees?

With the introduction of the lorry-mounted tree spade, tree lifting, moving and planting projects have increased and instant impact, either for aesthetic looks or for screening, has become a focus of garden designers and landscape architects alike. Many established schools, universities, golf courses, business parks and country estates increasingly see tree moving as a cost effective way to utilise overcrowded woodland areas to enhance new developments on their sites. On new builds and development sites, it is often a condition of the planning permission that existing trees must be "saved" and replanted in appropriate locations once building work is complete.

Key reasons our clients like us to move their trees;

  • Changing garden/landscape or building designs
  • Replacing with more appropriate or native species
  • Relocating for planning requirements
  • Thinning out overcrowded woodland and copses
  • Moving a number of existing trees is often less expensive that buying a new ones

Work undertaken Forestry management
Mature trees
Planting schemes
Post-transplant care
Tree moving
Tree pruning
Tree supply
Tree surgery
Tree surveys

Projects (2)

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  • Practicality Brown: Transplanting large trees by crane into small gardens
    Transplanting large trees by crane into small gardens
    Practicality Brown
    Project, 30 January 2018
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  • Practicality Brown: Tree moving, Buckinghamshire Golf Club
    Tree moving, Buckinghamshire Golf Club
    Practicality Brown
    Project, 01 February 2018
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  • Practicality Brown: Tree moving
    Tree moving
    Practicality Brown
    Service, 10 December 2018
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