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Polypipe Civils

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  • Polypipe Civils: RIDGISTORM-X4 stormwater treatment system
    RIDGISTORM-X4 stormwater treatment system
    Polypipe Civils
    RIDGISTORM-X4 is a prefabricated chamber containing a 4-stage filtration system, used for the treatment of surface water run-off. It can remove heavy particles, silt, nutrients and heavy metals, such as copper, zinc and...
  • Polypipe Civils: RIDGISTORMSeparate prefabricated silt traps
    RIDGISTORMSeparate prefabricated silt traps
    Polypipe Civils
    RIDGISTORMSeparate silt traps capture and separate out silt, particles and debris in surface water runoff, to prevent their ingress into sustainable drainage systems (SuDS). They protect downstream attenuation, retention and...
  • Polypipe Civils: RIDGISTORMSeparate prefabricated catchpits
    RIDGISTORMSeparate prefabricated catchpits
    Polypipe Civils
    RIDGISTORMSeparate catchpits are designed to separate and retain silt and other particles from stormwater, helping to protect the downstream drainage system and local environment: easy access for silt collection; network...
  • Polypipe Civils: RIDGISTORMSeparate prefabricated filter chambers
    RIDGISTORMSeparate prefabricated filter chambers
    Polypipe Civils
    RIDGISTORMSeparate filter chambers are prefabricated for use in stormwater attenuation and infiltration systems requiring ‘in line’ silt and debris separation. They incorporate both a sump and removable filter unit on the...
  • Polypipe Civils: Permavoid Biomat geocellular system for oil removal
    Permavoid Biomat geocellular system for oil removal
    Polypipe Civils
    The Permavoid Biomat units are similar in structure to standard Permavoid geocellular units for surface water storage, but with the inclusion of an oil-intercepting floating mat. The Biomat treats residues or emulsified oils...