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Neptune Street Furniture

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  • Neptune Street Furniture: Beaufort hexagonal planter
    Beaufort hexagonal planter
    Neptune Street Furniture
    The Beaufort hexagonal planter is constructed using 45mm-thick hardwood timbers finished with two coats of micro-porous preservative. It forms part of the Beaufort street furniture range. If left to weather naturally the...
  • Neptune Street Furniture: Heathland square hardwood planter
    Heathland square hardwood planter
    Neptune Street Furniture
    The Heathland planter is ideal for use where permanent ground planting is unsuitable or to make plants more accessible to the disabled. The strong and rigid construction of the planter means that it is ideal for use in...
  • Neptune Street Furniture: Woodland square hardwood planter
    Woodland square hardwood planter
    Neptune Street Furniture
    The Woodland wooden planter has a strong and rigid construction making it ideal for use in public areas such as town centres where permanent ground planting is unsuitable. Galvanised steel sections inside the planter add...
  • Neptune Street Furniture: Cerro aluminium and hardwood planter
    Cerro aluminium and hardwood planter
    Neptune Street Furniture
    The Cerro square planter forms part of the Cerro range of street furniture. The range is based around beautiful cast aluminium seat and bench ends finished in satin grey and complimented with 45 x 70mm hardwood.
  • Neptune Street Furniture: Southampton hexagonal concrete planters
    Southampton hexagonal concrete planters
    Neptune Street Furniture
    Transform a featureless area with these attractive Southampton hexagonal concrete planters. Whether grouped or placed singly, they bring a splash of colour with the changing seasons. Ideal for areas where permanent ground...
  • Neptune Street Furniture: Lincoln curved bench planters
    Lincoln curved bench planters
    Neptune Street Furniture
    Lincoln curved benches can be used to create seating/planter units. Cast in concrete and finished in smooth light grey as standard, each component is produced with a returned bottom lip which creates a shadowed edge. The...