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Lindum Turf

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  • Lindum Turf: Grassfeltâ„¢ soil-less landscaping turf
    Lindum Turf: LT2 low-maintenance fine turf
    Lindum Turf: LT6  Turf for sports applications
    Lindum Turf: LT7 Festival landscape turf
    Lindum Turf: Bowling greens for Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games
    Lindum Turf: Grassfeltâ„¢ supply, Wonderwood, Leeds

    Lindum Turf


    Produces eight grades of turf on irrigated sandy loam soil for all landscaping and sports uses. Using STRI top-rated cultivars, turf mixtures for every situation are grown to TGA standards. Expertise in nutrition and controlled irrigation ensure consistent quality and rapid establishment. Turf is supplied in standard size or large rolls, 0.75 or...
  • Lindum Turf: Lindum Wildflower Mat - plastic-free

    Lindum Turf


    Offers a mixture of wildflowers and grasses growing in a biodegradable felt, which enables the creation of an instant meadow, as well as encourages wildlife and enhances biodiversity. The product is easy to install and is suitable for a range of landscape designs....