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Kingcombe Stonbury offers a turnkey service to private, corporate and public clients. The company provides detail design, all the necessary civils and building works and, if required, mechanical and electrical installations to complete any project involving water.

Kingcombes expertise includes:

  • New lake construction for amenity use
  • New reservoir construction for irrigation and storage
  • In-channel works
  • Construction of earth embankments and dams
  • Installation of waterproof lining materials
  • Construction of concrete structures
  • Installation of either green or hard revetments
  • Installation of gabions, rock armour, rip-rap and sheet piling
  • Construction of timber bridges, jetties and boathouses
  • Work from pontoons and barges
  • Provision and installation of weirs, sluices, penstocks, stoplogs and other water level control devices
  • Fabrication of galvanised metalwork bridges, handrails and grills

The company also supplies and installs stand-alone or package pumping systems, including pumps, pipework, valves and control equipment for recirculation, irrigation or fountain display.

In addition to new build, Kingcombe carries out the restoration and repair of existing structures and features:

  • Restoration of existing lakes and reservoirs
  • Rebuilding existing sluices, weirs and penstocks
  • Refurbishment and remanufacture of water wheels
  • Repair or reconstruction of leaking dams and embankments
  • De-silting works, by excavation or pumping
  • Installation of ground anchors and retaining structures
  • Grouting and bentonite pressure injection

All works are controlled on a day-to-day basis by an experienced foreman. The company produces method statements, risk assessments and detailed programmes, and hold weekly progress meetings to manage the resourcing and execution of the works.

Project experience Ponds
Work expertise Construction
Hard landscaping
Bank protection
Pumps / filters
Dredging / silt pumping
Aquatic planting
Aquatic weed control
Water quality management
Fish surveys / stocking
Floating reedbeds
Soft landscaping

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  • Kingcombe Stonbury: Water feature maintenance
    Water feature maintenance
    Kingcombe Stonbury
    Service, 07 July 2020
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  • Kingcombe Stonbury: Waterscapes design and engineering
    Waterscapes design and engineering
    Kingcombe Stonbury
    Service, 05 February 2013
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  • Kingcombe Stonbury: Environmental monitoring and fisheries management
    Environmental monitoring and fisheries management
    Kingcombe Stonbury
    Service, 12 June 2019
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