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ISC designs and installs the plant and equipment required for fountains and water features.

This can include submersible and dry pumping systems, normal and biological filters, disinfection systems using chemicals or ultraviolet light, aeration equipment and pool conditioning systems, as well as the nozzles and pipework designed to create the desired display.

Control systems are also designed and installed. These can simply operate the fountain on a timed basis and bring in the water conditioning system for part of the cycle, or they can carry out more complex tasks, such as to modulate the height of the fountain in high winds, or even make the display respond to the approach of people.

The company also designs and installs pool feature lighting so that the fountain can be viewed properly at night. Water features can be designed to achieve almost any desired effect.

All ISC installations are installed by the companys own fully employed crews. Almost uniquely in the irrigation industry, ISC does not use self-employed sub-contractors. ISC offers a maintenance contract to all its clients, which covers a process that prepares the water feature for winter, as well as a spring start-up.

Type Cascades / chutes
Jet fountains
Pools / rills

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