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Established in 1975, ISC has undertaken the design, build and maintenance of irrigation systems throughout the UK and in over 100 countries all over the world. The scope of work is extensive and has included:

• Agricultural irrigation
• Horticultural irrigation
• Landscape and garden irrigation
• Recreational irrigation
• Golf course irrigation
• Fountains and cascade systems
• Greenhouse developments
• Micro-propagation facilities
• Agricultural and horticultural project development
• Mushroom and sprout cultivation
• Water and sewage treatment for irrigation use
• Compost production
• Forestry establishment
• Environmental impact studies

ISC is independent of any ties to hardware manufacturers, which means all work is carried out to suit the projects requirements, rather than with the objective of selling a particular system.

Depending on the application, automatic watering systems designed and installed by ISC can include pop-up sprinklers, micro-sprays, drip irrigation equipment, water storage tanks, pumping systems and controls, distribution pipework, and irrigation control systems of various levels of complexity.

ISC designs, builds and maintains systems to ensure that soft landscaping establishes well and remains in peak condition throughout the seasons.

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    Design and build irrigation service
    Irrigation Systems Company Projects
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