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  • iGuzzini UK: Platea LED urban lighting
    Platea LED urban lighting
    iGuzzini UK
    Platea offers the advantages of modern LED technology, including lighting efficiency, energy savings and using RGB colour changes. The innovative Alo optic, created for the Platea system, is suitable for lighting cycle lanes...
  • iGuzzini UK: Nuvola urban light
    Nuvola urban light
    iGuzzini UK
    Nuvola is an indirect lighting system for urban areas that creates a uniform, glare-free illumination on the road. The system comprises a diffuser screen in polyester resin, reinforced with glass fibre and a Lingotto...
  • iGuzzini UK: MiniWoody LED wall mounted projector lights
    MiniWoody LED wall mounted projector lights
    iGuzzini UK
    The reduced dimensions of the MiniWoody projector allow it to be placed in a variety of settings with minimal visual impact. The projector uses innovative neutral colour temperature white LEDs. This highlights and...
  • iGuzzini UK: FrameWoody direct lighting
    FrameWoody direct lighting
    iGuzzini UK
    FrameWoody is a direct lighting system comprising straight and square support structures, which can be grouped together. The system is used with metal halide, sodium discharge and mercury discharge lamps. The FrameWoody can...
  • iGuzzini UK: iTeka urban light
    iTeka urban light
    iGuzzini UK
    The minimal design of iTeka means it is suitable for a wide variety of lighting applications, including parks, gardens, avenues and every kind of residential area. Its many installation options make it extremely versatile:...
  • iGuzzini UK: Archilede street light
    Archilede street light
    iGuzzini UK
    Archilede is an LED street light that has a patented optical system allowing it to achieve optimum column spacings without the reduction in uniformity of light distribution. It is available in 84, 59 and 39W versions, all of...
  • iGuzzini UK: MaxiWoody urban space floodlight
    MaxiWoody urban space floodlight
    iGuzzini UK
    MaxiWoody is an external floodlight. New spill rings and a choice of multiple light sources can to satisfy the most diverse lighting requirements. MaxiWoody is suitable for lighting building facades, monuments, parks,...
  • iGuzzini UK: GlimCube LED RGB pathway light
    GlimCube LED RGB pathway light
    iGuzzini UK
    GlimCube LED RGB is a flexible, modern product that is suitable for lighting pathways in residential areas. The fittings can be ground-fixed, wall-mounted or surface mounted. GlimCube is available with warm white and neutral...