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  • Greenbarnes: A-Max aluminium noticeboards
    A-Max aluminium noticeboards
    A-Max external aluminium noticeboards are available as single- or double-sided units, and are supplied in a choice of standard sizes and three profile depths: 60, 80 or 120mm. They are suitable for use at restaurants,...
  • Greenbarnes: Civic signage
    Civic signage
    Greenbarnes standard civic signs can be customised to suit clients requirements. They are suitable for schools, churches, tourist attractions, town centres and streets. Signs can be made from timber, aluminium, brass, mild...
  • Greenbarnes: Man-made Timber noticeboards
    Man-made Timber noticeboards
    Man-made Timber noticeboards are available in different sizes, formats and design options. They can be supplied in glazed or unglazed formats, with single or multiple display windows. They can incorporate customised header...
  • Greenbarnes: Outdoor oak noticeboards
    Outdoor oak noticeboards
    Greenbarnes hardwood iroko and oak noticeboards are produced in a wide range of standard sizes and formats, as well as to bespoke designs. They machine well and are extremely durable. Features: integral weatherstrip; timbers...
  • Greenbarnes: Apogee heavy-duty, man-made timber noticeboards
    Apogee heavy-duty, man-made timber noticeboards
    Heavy-duty, man made timber noticeboards are manufactured from a mix of non-biodegradable polystyrene waste and virgin polystyrene. They offer a no-maintenance alternative to traditional timber noticeboards and will not rot,...
  • Greenbarnes: Smallboard oak poster cases
    Smallboard oak poster cases
    Smallboard solid oak poster cases are designed for displaying timetables, menus, service times, byelaws and general notices. Typical users include councils, churches, restaurants, sports clubs, allotments and retail outlets:...
  • Greenbarnes: A-Multi aluminium external noticeboards
    A-Multi aluminium external noticeboards
    A-Multi powder-coated aluminium noticeboards are available in a range of configurations and styles, eg single- or double-sided; decorative or contemporary; 2- or 3-bay. Contemporary noticeboards have plain round posts;...
  • Greenbarnes: Bespoke noticeboards in oak or recycled plastic (MmT)
    Bespoke noticeboards in oak or recycled plastic (MmT)
    Greenbarnes offers a bespoke design and manufacture service for noticeboards in range of sizes, materials and finishes.
  • Greenbarnes: Poster cases and snap frames in recycled plastic (MmT)
    Poster cases and snap frames in recycled plastic (MmT)
    Greenbarnes manufactures a range of recycled plastic (man-made timber) poster cases which have the appearance of traditional timber but without the ongoing maintenance requirements of wood. These man-made timber (MmT) poster...
  • Greenbarnes: Man-made timber lecterns
    Man-made timber lecterns
    Man-made timber lecterns are available in different sizes, formats and design options. Man-made timber is made from recycled plastics, but has a grained appearance similar to timber. It will not warp, rot, split or fade and...
  • Greenbarnes: Aluminium fingerpost assembly
    Aluminium fingerpost assembly
    Aluminium fingerposts offer a cost-effective and durable method of providing wayfinding information. Greenbarnes' system allows a maximum of 9 fingers per post mounted on up to 3 levels, with 1, 2 or 3 fingers on each level.
  • Greenbarnes: AF58 aluminium noticeboards
    AF58 aluminium noticeboards
    The AF58 range of aluminium noticeboards, like the related AF30 range, offers users the optimum balance of economy and practicality but uses a deeper 58mm profile to make larger single-bay boards possible. Available in...
  • Greenbarnes: Sign trays
    Sign trays
    Sign trays are constructed from durable 3mm aluminium sheet with folded returns to each edge (usually 25–75mm depending upon overall size), to create a 3-dimensional sign. Corners are welded for strength and dressed to give...
  • Greenbarnes: Poster cases and snap frames in aluminium
    Poster cases and snap frames in aluminium
    Greenbarnes external, lockable aluminium poster cases provide a cost-effective way to display posters, timetables, menus. The cases are wall-mounted. Posters can be fixed using pins, clips or magnets. All aluminium poster...
  • Greenbarnes: Information and interpretation panels
    Information and interpretation panels
    Greenbarnes manufactures a range of durable information panels for the display of maps and other interpretative material. Digitally-printed displays can be encapsulated in a protective layer of GRP, and can be either...