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  • Furnitubes International: Akri®, the other way to create large planter beds
    Akri®, the other way to create large planter beds
    Furnitubes International
    Furnitubes is launching Akri®, a raised wall planter enabling large planting beds to be designed as part of a scheme. Constructed from recycled steel, Akri® planters are a sustainable and cost effective solution compared with traditional masonry walls or smaller sit-on top planters. Plus they offer designers more creative options in terms of...
    06 April 2020
  • Furnitubes International: Come and see us at SPECIFI Landscape - London
    Come and see us at SPECIFI Landscape - London
    Furnitubes International
    Specifi is a series of specifier focused events that takes place across eight major cities in the UK. This unique Landscape Roadshow Event is designed exclusively for built environment professionals, including Landscape Architects, garden designers, contractors and Architects. Providing a relaxed atmosphere in which to connect and inspire fellow...
    16 January 2020
  • Furnitubes International: Improving outdoor education spaces
    Improving outdoor education spaces
    Furnitubes International
    There are compelling reasons why schools and colleges should make more of their external learning environments. Not least, the fact that developing outdoor education space frees up valuable room inside buildings, particularly in establishments which suffer from cramped classrooms or rising student numbers. Of course, the advantages of moving...
    16 September 2019
  • Furnitubes International: The rise of roof gardens
    The rise of roof gardens
    Furnitubes International
    How can you create spacious and appealing outdoor living space in urban areas, especially as land is at a premium in most towns and cities? The answer could well be ‘above you’, as increasing numbers of architects, facility managers, building firms and property owners are going sky high with their gardens. Roof gardens are on the rise. Not least...
    22 August 2019
  • Furnitubes International: London becomes the world’s first National Park City
    London becomes the world’s first National Park City
    Furnitubes International
    In its simplest form, the concept of a National Park City is to develop outdoor parks in inner cities for the good of everyone. It is a commitment from London that it will develop its city parks to make them safe and enjoyable for all. On the back of the London launch, the NPCF along with the World Urban Parks and Salzburg Global Seminar has plans...
    07 August 2019
  • Furnitubes International: The importance of street furniture
    The importance of street furniture
    Furnitubes International
    Rarely is street furniture in the public realm purely decorative. It holds a multitude of significant values. For example, in city, town and village centres, bespoke street furniture is the ideal way to give people a sense of “place”, particularly in areas where stores are national chains and there’s potential for the shopping area to look the...
    24 June 2019
  • Furnitubes International: New Uniun® range of seating and planters launched
    New Uniun® range of seating and planters launched
    Furnitubes International
    Designed by Furnitubes’ in-house designers, Uniun® offers contemporary solutions for seating and planters for both internal and external spaces. The distinctive trapezoid-shaped base is a tough plastic moulding that is the core of the range, and is fitted with either a base to make it a planter, a hardwood lid to make it a bench, or half each for...
    31 January 2019
  • Furnitubes International: Furnitubes completes largest project to date
    Furnitubes completes largest project to date
    Furnitubes International
    Originally opened in 1972, the Westgate Centre in Oxford has been the city's main shopping destination for over 40 years. The £440 million redevelopment of the site by Westgate Oxford Alliance - a partnership between Land Securities and The Crown Estate - opened in October 2017 and includes nearly 800,000 sq feet of retail, restaurant and leisure...
    14 November 2017