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  • Furnitubes International: Blyth concrete bench
    Blyth concrete bench
    Furnitubes International
    The contemporary, durable and low maintenance design of the Blyth concrete bench makes it a popular choice for public spaces in urban locations. The design incorporates a radiused edges for improved comfort for users, and a...
  • Furnitubes International: Harrogate traditional seat
    Harrogate traditional seat
    Furnitubes International
    The traditionally-styled Harrogate seat has cast iron standards and heavy duty iroko timber slats. The Harrogate seat is available in 3 standard sizes. An engraved bronze plaque can be fitted to the top backrest slat making...
  • Furnitubes International: Victoria post-mounted litter bin
    Victoria post-mounted litter bin
    Furnitubes International
    The Victoria post mounted open top cast iron litter bins are strong enough to withstand daily use, and are ideal for strengthening corporate identity and reinforcing an areas heritage. As standard the bin is supplied primed...
  • Furnitubes International: Lucky Dog Waste Bin
    Lucky Dog Waste Bin
    Furnitubes International
    The Lucky dog waste bin is an appealing and practical bin designed for optimum functionality, ease of use and hygiene. The Zintec steel construction of the dog bin is extremely durable and minimises the risk of fire damage.
  • Furnitubes International: MAN536 Manchester cast iron bollard
    MAN536 Manchester cast iron bollard
    Furnitubes International
    The popular cast iron Manchester bollard was first supplied during the 80’s to Villers Street. It has since been used throughout the UK. It features decorative bands, a domed top and is available with a round or square base.
  • Furnitubes International: New Kennington Bollard
    New Kennington Bollard
    Furnitubes International
    The New Kennington bollard is a cast iron bollard with a primed finish, domed top and stars rim alignment, which can be painted in a contrasting colour. The New Kennington architectural bollards is ideal for traditional...
  • Furnitubes International: Barcelona Planter
    Barcelona Planter
    Furnitubes International
    The elegant Barcelona planter is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Planters are available in a dark-toned Anthracite colour. Fibre cement is an ideal material for planters, allowing plants to breathe whilst also...
  • Furnitubes International: Watford Polyurethane Bollard
    Watford Polyurethane Bollard
    Furnitubes International
    The Watford Bollard is a Polyurethane Elastomer (PU) bollard, which is manufactured from engineering grade polyurethane cast around a steel core to provide a tough, durable and low maintenance product. Standard finish is a...
  • Furnitubes International: Zenith® stainless steel & timber seat
    Zenith® stainless steel & timber seat
    Furnitubes International
    The elegant Zenith seat combines the strength of steel with the warmth of timber. The aerofoil-form of the end of the seat platform is the distinctive feature of the range, with the timbers arranged to echo its curved top...
  • Furnitubes International: Horizon picnic benches & table
    Horizon picnic benches & table
    Furnitubes International
    The Horizon picnic bench and table range introduces the characteristic aerofoil end profile of the Horizon collection, together with timbers arranged in a choice of either side-to-side or front-to-back orientation, to...
  • Furnitubes International: Arran Planter
    Arran Planter
    Furnitubes International
    The Arran range offers square planters and rectangular troughs with boards simply assembled 4 or 5 courses high and lapped on the corners to create a rigid construction suitable for planting into. The use of recycled plastic...
  • Furnitubes International: Telford bollard
    Telford bollard
    Furnitubes International
    The TEL550 Telford cast iron bollard is a traditional bollard, classic in style featuring a rounded top and three decorative rings. It is also available as a removable bollard in cast aluminium. Installed over 1000mm high,...
  • Furnitubes International: Madrid economical steel and timber seat
    Madrid economical steel and timber seat
    Furnitubes International
    The Madrid is an economical, traditionally-styled seating solution. The seat comprises 3 heavy duty hardwood timbers mounted on seat and backrest supports with integral armrests, from rolled and formed flat steel bar, each...
  • Furnitubes International: Alicante steel and timber seat
    Alicante steel and timber seat
    Furnitubes International
    The Alicante steel and timber seat is an ideal product for contemporary urban settings. Available as a standard 2000mm length, the seat accommodates up to 4 people. The tropical hardwood timber slats have anti-fungidical,...
  • Furnitubes International: Dockside Bollard
    Dockside Bollard
    Furnitubes International
    The Dockside bollard is a decorative cast iron bollard with a primed finish. The Dockside bollard is circular with a tapered profile and a rounded top - perfect as boundary markers for river fronts and marine settings. The...