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AquaticEngineering and its associates successfully treat invasive weeds by understanding what affects both the plant and the site in which they are located. Factors considered include geographical location, ground conditions, environmental conditions and use of the site.

Treatments offered include: single-season herbicidal treatment; herbicidal treatment for environmentally sensitive areas; integrated on-site treatment; soil screening; on-site burial  /integrated cell encapsulation; reduced excavation; and dig and dump.

The treatments are successful in treating a wide range of invasive weeds, including Japanese knotweed, Giant hogweed, ragwort, Himalayan balsam, Buddleia, Rhododendron, Horsetail and Floating Pennywort.

The lakes, ponds, quarries, rivers and canals; nature reserves; SSSI sites; private estates; parks and gardens; road sides; wasteland; development sites; brownfield sites; contaminated land; and landfill sites.

The company offers a range of site-specific packages that eradicate invasive weeds. Completed projects are backed by a site-specific warranty.

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