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The company provdes specialist surveying services throughtout the UK, operating from offices in London, Worcester and Leeds: underground utility location; CCTV Surveys; GPR Surveys; asset Surveying; topographical Surveys; aerial Surveys; building Surveys; desktop Surveys. architecture; civil Engineering; consultants; contractors; environmental... Read more

Offers specialist underground utilities and gas hazard surveying and mapping services.

Other services include topographical and engineering surveys.

Geological applications Ground structure definition
Subterranean workings detection
Void location
Environmental applications Groundwater mapping
Structural applications Buried structure location
Pipe location

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  • A. Head office
    Cross Green Industrial Estate
    Cross Green Way
    LS9 0SE
    Call: 08450 179300
    Fax: 08450 179301
  • B. Worcester Office
    Waterworks Road
    WR1 3EZ
    Call: 08450 179320
    Fax: 08450 179319
  • C. London Office
    Ground Floor
    Chapel House
    R/O 31 London Road
    TN13 1AR
    Call: 08450 179305
    Fax: 08450 179306

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