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  • GoPlastic: Normandie recycled plastic bin bays – Worthing Homes
    GoPlastic: Recycled plastic bin stores for New Vision Homes
    GoPlastic: Recycled plastic bin bays for residential estate
    GoPlastic: Bays for recycling bins on council housing estate
    GoPlastic: Normandie - recycled plastic bin shelter
    GoPlastic: Normandie - recycled plastic bin bays


    Bin shelters

    Bin bays made from solid recycled plastic profiles. The louvre style panels means air can circulate and pevent the build up of bin odours. Panels come in various heights and sizes and with the anchorage option of extended legs or ground sockets....
  • GoPlastic: Govadeck - anti-slip recycled plastic decking boards
    GoPlastic: Govaplast® - anti-slip recycled plastic decking



    100% solid recycled plastic anti slip boards No splinters Designed with a unique connect system so there are no external fittings visible, these recycled plastic boards are consistently coloured and non-porous. They will not crack or rot and will never need labour intensive treatments with environmentally harmful products....
  • GoPlastic

    Boardwalks / jetties / platforms

    Solid recycled plastic profiles made from 100% recycled plastic are ideal material for boardwalks, walkways and jetties, especially in wetland areas such as marine developments, nature reserves and coastal areas. Strong and durable - they have an expected lifespan of 40 years - the boards are exceptionally low maintenance, rot proof and splinter...