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  • Cycle-Works: Velo-Safe cycle locker
    Velo-Safe cycle locker
    Velo-Safe is a space-efficient, secure and attractive cycle locker specifically designed to fit sites that cannot accommodate bigger lockers. Parks one bicycle; very space-efficient; can be installed in many configurations;...
  • Cycle-Works: Velo-Box cycle locker
    Velo-Box cycle locker
    Velo-Box is an innovative and adaptable storage solution that offers high security at an affordable price. Each locker can have a door at either end meaning 2 bikes can be stored securely. The locker is not only economical...
  • Cycle-Works: VeloStore multi-bike locker
    VeloStore multi-bike locker
    Velostore is a compact bike storage unit designed to fit in the width of one standard 2.4 x 4.8m car parking space. Alternatively, two units can be placed side by side across the length of the space. Bollards can be used to...
  • Cycle-Works: BikeAway cycle locker
    BikeAway cycle locker
    The BikeAway locker is a galvanised steel bicycle locker which stores the bike vertically: space efficient - small footprint; sturdy 1.5mm galvanised steel construction; easy-to-use and suitable for use in schools. This...
  • Cycle-Works: BykeBin cycle locker
    BykeBin cycle locker
    The BykeBin is a plastic (polyethylene) locker that stores the bike horizontally: parks one bicycle; installed in minutes, either in a single row or interlocked back to back; variety of standard colours, including...