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  • Cycle-Works: Solent bicycle shelter and compound
    Solent bicycle shelter and compound
    The Solent shelter is a modern, curved shelter that provides good weather protection from the rear and sides. It can be designed for open access or with lockable gates. Two shelters can be installed facing each other to form...
  • Cycle-Works: Velo-Safe cycle locker
    Velo-Safe cycle locker
    Velo-Safe is a space-efficient, secure and attractive cycle locker specifically designed to fit sites that cannot accommodate bigger lockers. Parks one bicycle; very space-efficient; can be installed in many configurations;...
  • Cycle-Works: Josta 2-tier cycle rack
    Josta 2-tier cycle rack
    The Josta 2-tier rack is a high capacity double-decker bicycle rack. Josta 2-tier sites range from small, open-access installations to large installations of hundreds of racks: space efficient; custom-made for specific...
  • Cycle-Works: Lock2Me cycle stand
    Lock2Me cycle stand
    The Lock2Me rack is a stylish and elegant rack that complements contemporary surroundings. It can be delivered in a variety of finishes and mounting options and holds the bike well. Parks 2 bicycles, one on each side; the...
  • Cycle-Works: Velo-Box cycle locker
    Velo-Box cycle locker
    Velo-Box is an innovative and adaptable storage solution that offers high security at an affordable price. Each locker can have a door at either end meaning 2 bikes can be stored securely. The locker is not only economical...
  • Cycle-Works: Avon Cycle Shelter (open access, lockable or compound)
    Avon Cycle Shelter (open access, lockable or compound)
    The Avon is a versatile cycle shelter that can be modified and adapted for different requirements. It can be installed as a simple shelter with or without back/side cladding, or as a lockable compound. The roofing is made...
  • Cycle-Works: Sheffield stands and variants
    Sheffield stands and variants
    The Cycle-Works rack range is comprised of a number of variations of the classic Sheffield and Rounded A stands All racks can be delivered in a variety of finishes and mounting options and holds the bike well: elegant and...
  • Cycle-Works: Bicycle wall racks
    Bicycle wall racks
    The Cycle-Works and Josta wall racks are individual, wall-mounted bicycle racks that can park the bike horizontally or vertically neat and organised individual parking; can be supplied mounted to a free-standing racking...
  • Cycle-Works: Rounded A cycle rack
    Rounded A cycle rack
    The Rounded A rack is a stylish, yet cost-effective, variation of the standard Sheffield stand: parks 2 bicycles, one on each side; sleek and rounded design; available in a number of finishes and mounting options; horizontal...
  • Cycle-Works: VeloStore multi-bike locker
    VeloStore multi-bike locker
    Velostore is a compact bike storage unit designed to fit in the width of one standard 2.4 x 4.8m car parking space. Alternatively, two units can be placed side by side across the length of the space. Bollards can be used to...
  • Cycle-Works: Higher Kennet cycle shelter
    Higher Kennet cycle shelter
    The modern and stylish Kennet shelter has a sleek design that complements traditional and modern architecture. This shelter can cover all of Cycle-Works' single-level racks, such as the Sheffield or Rounded A racks, and can...
  • Cycle-Works: V-Rack cycle parking
    V-Rack cycle parking
    The V-Rack is an innovative product by Cycle-Works that is designed to offer high security, high density and modern cycle parking. The rack achieves high density by using a high-low arrangement and 400mm centres between...
  • Cycle-Works: Velo-Store cycle shelter
    Velo-Store cycle shelter
    The Cycle-Works Velo-Store is a compact and unobtrusive multi-bike shelter that parks four bikes. It can be lockable or for open access: parks 4 bicycles; compact and very space efficient; cost-effective solution; lockable...
  • Cycle-Works: BikeAway cycle locker
    BikeAway cycle locker
    The BikeAway locker is a galvanised steel bicycle locker which stores the bike vertically: space efficient - small footprint; sturdy 1.5mm galvanised steel construction; easy-to-use and suitable for use in schools. This...
  • Cycle-Works: BykeBin cycle locker
    BykeBin cycle locker
    The BykeBin is a plastic (polyethylene) locker that stores the bike horizontally: parks one bicycle; installed in minutes, either in a single row or interlocked back to back; variety of standard colours, including...