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CDTS has provided hydroseeding and conventional seeding services to the construction and landscaping industries for more than 30 years. The company has the specialist equipment required to apply seed to surfaces ranging from the flat to the sheer vertical. A competitive hydroseeding service is offered from site appraisal and writing site specific... Read more
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    Cambridge Direct Tree Seeding


    CDTS offer a competitive hydroseeding service from site appraisal and writing site specific specifications through to application and maintenance if required. CTDS operate seven hydroseeders ranging from a 6000 litre lorry-mounted unit to a 2500 litre trailer-mounted machine. This enables any site to be tackled efficiently. CDTS operate two 46hp...
  • Cambridge Direct Tree Seeding: Conventional seeding services

    Cambridge Direct Tree Seeding


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    Cambridge Direct Tree Seeding


  • Cambridge Direct Tree Seeding

    Natural sports surfaces

    In addition to the company's specialistm of hydroseeding, CDTS also undertakes conventional seeding projects using a fleet of compact and mountain tractors. This equipment be mounted with a full array of ground preparation and seeding implements, allowing CDTS to seed a broad range of sites....
  • A. Head office
    Hilton House
    37 Hilton Street
    CB24 5PU
    Call: 01954 232350
  • B. CDTS Scotland
    The Yard
    South Lanarkshire
    ML12 6RP
    Call: 01864 228001
  • C. CDTS North West
    Allport Farm
    Overton Common
    SY14 7DG
    Call: 01948 861088
    Fax: 01948 860005
  • D. CDTS South West
    Carpenter's House
    Weston Birt
    GL8 8QT
    Call: 01666 539022