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  • Streetlife: Solo All Black CorTen Bridges
    Solo All Black CorTen Bridges
    The durable material All Black used in Streetlife’s Solo All Black CorTen Bridges lends these bridges a distinct contemporary feel. These short footbridges are available in flat and slightly arched versions. The entire...
  • Streetlife: Zen CorTen Bridge
    Zen CorTen Bridge
    Zen CorTen Bridges are small pedestrian bridges with a short span of up to eight metres. The whole load-bearing, decking structure is constructed from a single, thick-walled CorTen steel. The low fence combines simplicity...
  • Streetlife: Ona Bridge
    Ona Bridge
    The ONA Bridge features a continuous balustrade with a dynamic graphic design created from CorTen or powder-coated steel strips. The continuous balustrade is topped with an FSC® hardwood handrail. The ONA bridge is flat or...
  • Streetlife: Shortline double corten bridge
    Shortline double corten bridge
    Shortline corten bridges can bridge a maximum span of 16m. The width is a standard 2 or 3m. Maximum uniformly distributed load-bearing capacity of 5kN/m². The double corten fence from the Streetlife Bridges & Decking...
  • Streetlife: Shortline ZigZag Bridge
    Shortline ZigZag Bridge
    The ZigZag Fence from the Streetlife Bridges & Decking Collection is a closed fence that meets most international safety standards for closed fences. The 120 cm or 150 cm modules are combined with steel balusters and a...
  • Streetlife: Wild Willow Bridges
    Wild Willow Bridges
    This Wild Willow Bridge has a distinct criss-crossed fencing pattern, with alternating CorTen and wooden balusters that run along the sides of the bridge. The framework that encloses the fencing has been adapted for this...
  • Streetlife: Country Bridges High
    Country Bridges High
    The Country Bridges High have high, robust fences. The posts have an industrial character and are available in CorTen or hot-dip, galvanised steel. The R&R fencing system is equipped with a rigid beam of FSC-100% hardwood...
  • Streetlife: Crossline CorTen Bridge
    Crossline CorTen Bridge
    The Crossline CorTen Bridge from the Streetlife Bridges & Decking Collection is a beautifully designed bicycle and pedestrian bridge. Various CorTen steel fence options exist, including criss-crossed stainless steel...
  • Streetlife: Solo CorTen Bridge
    Solo CorTen Bridge
    The Solo CorTen Bridge is contemporary and expressive. Solo CorTen Bridges are little pedestrian bridges that can be delivered both flat and slightly arched. The whole load-bearing, decking structure is constructed from a...
  • Streetlife: Shortline Bold Bridge
    Shortline Bold Bridge
    These CorTen Shortline Bridges can bridge a maximum span of 16 metres. The width is a standard two or three metres. Maximum uniformly distributed load-bearing capacity of five kN/m². The Bold Fence from the Streetlife...
  • Streetlife: Bowie Bridge
    Bowie Bridge
    The Bowie Bridge was inspired by the David Bowie song ‘Wild is the Wind’. The continuous fencing system of criss-crossed balusters, uninterrupted by posts, creates visual interest. The round, stainless steel balusters have...
  • Streetlife: Chevron Bridge
    Chevron Bridge
    Chevron Bridges are characterised by their raw, outdoor look and feel. Their fencing consists of angular balusters made entirely out of CorTen steel. The fencing is equipped with a 316 stainless steel handrail rounded on the...
  • Streetlife: Solo composite pedestrian bridges
    Solo composite pedestrian bridges
    These Solo bridges are made entirely of composite materials. Both the Solo fencing as well as the Solideck®70 decking is made of 70x70mm (3x3”) All Black beams. All Black composite is made of recycled plastics, including...
  • Streetlife: Branches Bridges
    Branches Bridges
    The Branches Bridge has continuous fencing that meets safety standards. CorTen steel strips branch off and nestle into each other to form stable, semi-closed fencing, which is finished on top with a hand railing. The...
  • Streetlife: Solo all-wood pedestrian bridges
    Solo all-wood pedestrian bridges
    Solo all-wood bridges consist of treated European wooden girders, FSC® hardwood posts and decking. These mid-sized pedestrian bridges have a maximum length of 15m (50ft) and a width of 3m (10ft). Solideck® 70 is mounted onto...