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  • Streetlife: Corten Tree Guards
    Corten Tree Guards
    The CorTen Tree Guards from the Streetlife Tree Products Collection offer maximum protection to the tree trunk. They create a warm ambience at street level and blend perfectly with CorTen steel Tree Grids. The tree guards...
  • Streetlife: Carré tree guards
    Carré tree guards
    Carré is square-shaped tree guard that can only be combined with square tree grids. The combination with the matching matrix pattern results in an angular design with Art Deco characteristics. The height measures 60cm; for...
  • Streetlife: Low Grill Guards in corten steel
    Low Grill Guards in corten steel
    Low Grill Guards are mounted on Streetlife corten tree grids. This low, modest fence protects the growing space. Available in both square and round versions. The guard is fully made of thick-walled corten steel.