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  • Streetlife: Ivy Towers
    Ivy Towers
    The Ivy Towers are green pillars for urban areas. The cylindrical base is constructed of CorTen steel, 220cm diameter. If desired it can be fitted with a semi-circular seat of Solid slats (7x7cm) made of FSC® hardwood. The...
  • Streetlife: Solid Green Benches - corten steel/hardwood
    Solid Green Benches - corten steel/hardwood
    The Solid Green Benches from the Streetlife street furniture collection are corten steel plant boxes with individual seats. Each seat is 50x50cm, consists of solid slats (7x7cm) with two Streetlock® comb fittings and is...
  • Streetlife: Rough&Ready Hug a Tub
    Rough&Ready Hug a Tub
    The Shrubtubs Tree Planters offer a stable base structure for mounting Rough&Ready wall benches and form the basis for the green R&R benches: Hug a Tubs. The Hug a Tub configurations remain mobile, making layout variations...
  • Streetlife: Rough&Ready Tangram Tubs
    Rough&Ready Tangram Tubs
    Countless graphic Tangram patterns can be created by combining the three basic shapes (H = 47cm) of these low plant tubs. The CorTen tubs can be easily fitted with border seats using two Rough&Ready beams. The Rough&Ready...
  • Streetlife: Free Form Tree Isles
    Free Form Tree Isles
    Many shapes can be created with the Tree Isles System. In order to integrate an Rough&Ready border seat, a diameter of at least three metres is required. Based on a sketch with main dimensions, our advisors will gladly...
  • Streetlife: Solid Edge System
    Solid Edge System
    The Solid Edge System is a simple way to create higher borders with Solid seats. The steel base structure is available RAL-coated or in CorTen. The front wall slopes back steeply to create leg space. Side walls at 70°, 90°,...
  • Streetlife: Cliffhanger Shrubtub seating and planter system
    Cliffhanger Shrubtub seating and planter system
    Cliffhanger benches can be combined with thick-walled Shrubtub planters to create contemporary seating / planter units. Bench slats are simply mounted to stable tree planters. Using this modular system on existing flat...
  • Streetlife: Rough&Ready Big Green Benches
    Rough&Ready Big Green Benches
    R&R Big Green Benches, part of Streetlife's Rough&Ready range of street furniture, are made of corten or double powder-coated steel with an FSC® hardwood sitting edge. These square landscaping elements combine outdoor...
  • Streetlife: Big Green Love Benches
    Big Green Love Benches
    The Big Green Love Benches from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection combine seating and greenery. The hardwood Solid slat (7x7 cm) seats are fitted by means of the patented Streetlock® system. The stainless steel tree...
  • Streetlife: Mobile Green Isles
    Mobile Green Isles
    The Mobile Green Isles from the Streetlife Tree Products Collection are mobile plant boxes with integrated seats. They are placed at ground level. With the Mobile Green Isle, it is possible to create an appealing...
  • Streetlife: Rough&Ready Oval Tree Isles
    Rough&Ready Oval Tree Isles
    The Oval Tree Isles from the Streetlife Tree Products Collection are corten tree edgings with integrated border seats. The FSC hardwood border seat comprises R&R beams (7x15 cm), which are beautifully integrated with the...
  • Streetlife: Solid Podium Isles
    Solid Podium Isles
    Solid Podium Isles from the Streetlife's street furniture collection can be used to create seating isles in the city. A corten steel base structure supports sizeable FSC hardwood solid slats (7x7cm) with a maximum length of...
  • Streetlife: Meet & Work planter and seating units
    Meet & Work planter and seating units
    The Meet & Work System consists of various landscaping elements with which playful configurations can be created in public places, on roof terraces and at meeting points. The combinations of benches, tables and tree planters...
  • Streetlife: Solid Edge Green Benches
    Solid Edge Green Benches
    These generously sized, movable Solid Edge Green Benches are available in four different formats and two main sizes: 180x180cm and 230x230cm - 71”x71” and 91”x91”. Forklift slots can be included in the heavy gauge CorTen...
  • Streetlife: Green Circular Benches
    Green Circular Benches
    Green Circular Benches are mobile seating elements with a spacious tree planter in the centre. The circular bench has a seat comprising FSC-100% hardwood slats with a standard dimension of 35x57 mm Streetlife recommends...