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  • Streetlife: Long&Lean Benches
    Long&Lean Benches
    The Long & Lean Benches from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection have a minimalist design and radiate architectural simplicity. Due to their width, the benches can be used double-sided. The FSC hardwood slats (3.5x5.7...
  • Streetlife: Rough&Ready Curve Benches
    Rough&Ready Curve Benches
    The Rough&Ready Curve Benches from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection are sturdy and robust. The benches' supports are open and have a rectangular shape. Due to the modular elements, the benches can be linked...
  • Streetlife: Cliffhanger park benches
    Cliffhanger park benches
    Cliffhanger park benches from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection have a hanging appearance. They are available in three versions, which are mounted to a solid subframe. The FSC hardwood slats of 5x5 cm are fitted by...
  • Streetlife: Solid Staple Benches
    Solid Staple Benches
    Solid Staple Benches comprise sturdy, crosswise-positioned Solid slats (7x7cm - 2,8”x2,8”) on an integrated steel structure. The benches have a slender design, but have a powerful architectural impact. The colour variations...
  • Streetlife: Stone Bench Travertino
    Stone Bench Travertino
    Impressive in appearance, Streetlife’s Stone Benches Travertino can be placed in straight or curved configurations due to the shape of the granite tablets that form their seating element. In addition to the grey-coloured...
  • Streetlife: Mobile Surf Isles
    Mobile Surf Isles
    Streetlife’s Mobile Green Isles (MGI) enjoy great success thanks to their ability to bring green to public squares without damaging the pavement. The MGI modules (300x150cm) are very easy to position on a rail of smooth...
  • Streetlife: Wood Top seating system
    Wood Top seating system
    With the Wood Top seating system from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection, spacious seating areas can be created. The FSC hardwood modules are delivered pre-assembled. The hardwood slats measure 3.5x5.7 cm and are...
  • Streetlife: Solid Top Seats
    Solid Top Seats
    Solid Top Seats from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection are extendable concrete modules with an FSC hardwood seat. The seat consists of slightly concave solid beams (7x7 cm), which makes sitting pleasantly...
  • Streetlife: Stone Bench Granito Curve
    Stone Bench Granito Curve
    The Stone Bench Granito Curve from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection are part of the Stone Bench range. With these solid bench elements, equipped with thick, natural stone tablets, it is possible to create long,...
  • Streetlife: Parklet System
    Parklet System
    The greening of inner cities and the reduction of the car is a topical issue. Streetlife now offers a very flexible and budget-friendly Parklet System as a solution that is easy to disassemble and relocate. The Parklet...
  • Streetlife: Rough&Ready Balancer
    Rough&Ready Balancer
    The Rough&Ready Balancer is a playful bench with a central support made from heavy gauge steel plate (CorTen or galvanized steel).
  • Streetlife: Solid 6 Benches
    Solid 6 Benches
    Solid Benches are made of 7x7 cm FSC® hardwood beams. The benches are available in all kind of types and dimensions: straight, curved and as well as Topseats. The beams are fixed by the patented Streetlock® system.
  • Streetlife: Solid 8 Benches
    Solid 8 Benches
    The Solid 8 Benches from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection are part of the Solid range. These benches have a seat with eight beams measuring 7x7 cm. The FSC hardwood beams are spaced closely together and are fitted...
  • Streetlife: Solid Seat Blocks
    Solid Seat Blocks
    Solid Seat Blocks are sturdy design elements that allow benches, planters and tree boxes to be combined in a variety of appealing ways. Contrary to the narrow Solid Seat Strips, Solid Seat Blocks are wide elements of 100cm -...
  • Streetlife: Heavy-Heavy Benches
    Heavy-Heavy Benches
    Heavy-Heavy Benches are massive benches created to reflect Streetlife’s characteristic natural look. The beams are secured on galvanised or corten steel cross-beam supports using the Streetlock® system. The W-Wood® used in...