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  • Streetlife: Rough&Ready Picnic Set
    Rough&Ready Picnic Set
    The Rough&Ready Picnic Set has a robust, industrial appearance and is part of the R&R range. The set combines well with other R&R products. The picnic table top is made of FSC-100% hardwood beams (7x15 cm) with a flat,...
  • Streetlife: Stone Bench Granito
    Stone Bench Granito
    The Stone Bench Granito from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection are part of the Stone Bench range. With these solid bench elements, equipped with thick, natural stone tablets, it is possible to create long, straight...
  • Streetlife: Rough&Ready Hug a Tub
    Rough&Ready Hug a Tub
    The Shrubtubs Tree Planters offer a stable base structure for mounting Rough&Ready wall benches and form the basis for the green R&R benches: Hug a Tubs. The Hug a Tub configurations remain mobile, making layout variations...
  • Streetlife: Synthetic Cones natural fibres planters
    Synthetic Cones natural fibres planters
    The Synthetic Cones are available in three sizes and are made of a thick-walled, insulating moulded plastic or natural fibre. The eco-friendly material has a terrazzo feel and look. These Cones offer affordable and durable...
  • Streetlife: Solid Series Cloudy Grey
    Solid Series Cloudy Grey
    As an alternative to FSC® hardwood, Streetlife introduces the exceptionally hard-wearing Cloudy Grey beams measuring 7x7cm. Wood size 4; the Solid Series. This material is 50% recycled LDPE plastic combined with 50% recycled...
  • Streetlife: Heavy-Heavy Block Seats
    Heavy-Heavy Block Seats
    Heavy-Heavy Block Seats can be used to create all sorts of configurations. The Heavy-Heavy beams of 15x21cm - 5.9”x8.2” in W-Wood, or optionally in FSC® Recycled Douglas wood, are mounted on heavy gauge sheet steel supports...
  • Streetlife: Box Bins Corten
    Box Bins Corten
    The Box Bins are available in warm CorTen with a stainless steel cover. The thick-walled CorTen can be laser cut with our Casual Dots pattern. This makes for a recognisable design, and gives display to the contents i.e. an...
  • Streetlife: Surf Isles
    Surf Isles
    The Surf Isles meet the demand for more complex, three-dimensional seating islands. The Surf Isles have a playful and undulating surface and use our standard Solid beams (7 x 7cm). A striking and contemporary landscaping...
  • Streetlife: Heavy-Heavy Malaparte raised seating
    Heavy-Heavy Malaparte raised seating
    Villa Malaparte on the Italian island of Capri is a villa with a unique design at an incredible location. It inspired Streetlife to create bleachers in a trapezoid shape. The Heavy-Heavy beams measuring 15x21cm - 5.9”x8.2”...
  • Streetlife: Solid Picnic Tables
    Solid Picnic Tables
    The Solid Picnic Set from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection is part of the Solid range. The set consists of a picnic table with two benches on either side and has a modest design and closed (solid) character. The...
  • Streetlife: Ivy Towers
    Ivy Towers
    The Ivy Towers are green pillars for urban areas. The cylindrical base is constructed of CorTen steel, 220cm diameter. If desired it can be fitted with a semi-circular seat of Solid slats (7x7cm) made of FSC® hardwood. The...
  • Streetlife: Rough&Ready Lounger
    Rough&Ready Lounger
    The Rough&Ready (R&R) Loungers are sturdy and robust, yet very comfortable for relaxing in the sun. The R&R beams are mounted using the Streetlock® comb system. R&R Loungers even look great from the back thanks to their...
  • Streetlife: Rough&Ready Oval Tree Isles
    Rough&Ready Oval Tree Isles
    The Oval Tree Isles from the Streetlife Tree Products Collection are corten tree edgings with integrated border seats. The FSC hardwood border seat comprises R&R beams (7x15 cm), which are beautifully integrated with the...
  • Streetlife: Solid Serif benches
    Solid Serif benches
    Solid Serif benches combine a seat made of Solid slats (7x7 cm) with a Rough&Ready locking beam (7x15 cm). The spacious benches can be equipped with a beautifully designed double backrest that provides excellent ergonomic...
  • Streetlife: Rough&Ready Carré Benches
    Rough&Ready Carré Benches
    Rough&Ready Carré Benches are robust. They are square benches with a square hole to accommodate a tree. The FSC hardwood beams (7x15 cm) are integrated with a CorTen steel structure and attached by means of the Streetlock®...