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  • Streetlife: Giant Flowerpots
    Giant Flowerpots
    The Giant Flowerpots from the Streetlife Tree Products Collection are very large, conical tree planters with traditional stacking rim. Ideal for realising large urban trees that need to remain mobile. In addition to the...
  • Streetlife: Rough&Ready Curve Benches
    Rough&Ready Curve Benches
    The Rough&Ready Curve Benches from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection are sturdy and robust. The benches' supports are open and have a rectangular shape. Due to the modular elements, the benches can be linked...
  • Streetlife: Square corten steel Shrubtubs
    Square corten steel Shrubtubs
    The corten Shrubtubs from the Streetlife Tree Products Collection are large tree planters made of corten steel. The upper edge is equipped with a sturdy tree outline. These square and rectangular tree planters have a warm...
  • Streetlife: Long&Lean Benches
    Long&Lean Benches
    The Long & Lean Benches from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection have a minimalist design and radiate architectural simplicity. Due to their width, the benches can be used double-sided. The FSC hardwood slats (3.5x5.7...
  • Streetlife: SMC Composite Standard Benches
    SMC Composite Standard Benches
    The SMC Composite Standard Benches from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection have an extremely long life span. They are vandal-proof, very comfortable and require 'zero maintenance'. The seat is made of pressed...
  • Streetlife: Longlife Benches
    Longlife Benches
    The Longlife Benches from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection are the long versions of the Wooden Standard Bench. The FSC hardwood slats (3.5x5.7) are mounted by means of the patented Streetlock® system. Due to their...
  • Streetlife: Tumbling Tub
    Tumbling Tub
    The Tumbling Tubs are intriguing CorTen plant boxes, conical in shape with a round base. They can be positioned at a slight angle (max 5°) using a steel base ring. This creates a playful effect that shows off flowering...
  • Streetlife: Olympic Wave Bench
    Olympic Wave Bench
    Streetlife designed the Olympic Wave Bench for the Olympic Parklands London 2012. The bench consists of different elements that can be specified with or without a backrest. The Olympic Wave is a long bench that is designed...
  • Streetlife: Rough&Ready Royal Curve Back
    Rough&Ready Royal Curve Back
    The Rough&Ready Royal Back is an alluring and elegant high backrest that offers additional comfort. The elements are 200 cm wide and are usually linked to create a closed, continuous backrest. The Royal Back can be used on...
  • Streetlife: Highlife Serpentine Tubs
    Highlife Serpentine Tubs
    Highlife III Tree Planters create a warm, elegant streetscape. The Highlife III style features a contemporary, graphic character. The alternating slat design is created FSC® hardwood in three different widths. The slats are...
  • Streetlife: Surf Isles
    Surf Isles
    The Surf Isles meet the demand for more complex, three-dimensional seating islands. The Surf Isles have a playful and undulating surface and use our standard Solid beams (7 x 7cm). A striking and contemporary landscaping...
  • Streetlife: Shrubtubs Cylindrical corten planter
    Shrubtubs Cylindrical corten planter
    These Shrubtubs Cylindrical planters are made of 4mm-gauge corten steel. Just like the Shrubtubs Square, they are equipped with a wide, clean-lined edge that gives extra reinforcement and is appealing to the eye. Streetlife...
  • Streetlife: Shrubtubs Colour tree planters
    Shrubtubs Colour tree planters
    Almost all Streetlife tree planters are manufactured from heavy gauge sheet metal with sleek detailing. The tree planters can be ordered in Corten Colour in addition to unfinished warm CorTen steel. The choice of colour has...
  • Streetlife: Solid Podium Discs
    Solid Podium Discs
    The Solid Podium Discs are circular platforms that serve as playful seating elements. The Discs feature a Solid slatted structure in multi-coloured FSC® hardwood with a red-brown colour. The sturdy edge is created from short...
  • Streetlife: Parklet System
    Parklet System
    The greening of inner cities and the reduction of the car is a topical issue. Streetlife now offers a very flexible and budget-friendly Parklet System as a solution that is easy to disassemble and relocate. The Parklet...