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  • Streetlife: Rough&Ready Curve Benches
    Rough&Ready Curve Benches
    The Rough&Ready Curve Benches from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection are sturdy and robust. The benches' supports are open and have a rectangular shape. Due to the modular elements, the benches can be linked...
  • Streetlife: Long&Lean Benches
    Long&Lean Benches
    The Long & Lean Benches from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection have a minimalist design and radiate architectural simplicity. Due to their width, the benches can be used double-sided. The FSC hardwood slats (3.5x5.7...
  • Streetlife: Giant Flowerpots
    Giant Flowerpots
    The Giant Flowerpots from the Streetlife Tree Products Collection are very large, conical tree planters with traditional stacking rim. Ideal for realising large urban trees that need to remain mobile. In addition to the...
  • Streetlife: Square corten steel Shrubtubs
    Square corten steel Shrubtubs
    The corten Shrubtubs from the Streetlife Tree Products Collection are large tree planters made of corten steel. The upper edge is equipped with a sturdy tree outline. These square and rectangular tree planters have a warm...
  • Streetlife: Corten Tree Grilles - Round
    Corten Tree Grilles - Round
    The CorTen Tree Grids from the Streetlife Tree Products Collection are not only pleasing to the eye because of the graphic patterns, but also offer excellent protection to the trunk and growing space. The CorTen steel grid...
  • Streetlife: Tree Air® Spot
    Tree Air® Spot
    The Tree Air® Spot from the Streetlife Tree Products Collection is used to lighten up trees. The spotlight owes its name to the root aeration, which is accomplished naturally via the root aeration channel. The spotlights can...
  • Streetlife: Heavy-Heavy Benches
    Heavy-Heavy Benches
    Heavy-Heavy Benches are massive benches created to reflect Streetlife’s characteristic natural look. The beams are secured on galvanised or corten steel cross-beam supports using the Streetlock® system. The W-Wood® used in...
  • Streetlife: Rough&Ready Bike-Key cycle stand
    Rough&Ready Bike-Key cycle stand
    The Bike-Key Bicycle Rack is a new bicycle stand with a contemporary design. The R&R hardwood beam of 7x15 cm is anchored to the surface. A steel strip completely covers the ends of the hardwood beam. The strip is mounted by...
  • Streetlife: Truedeck®40
    Truedeck® is a complete composite decking system comprising pultrusion profiles, which are blindly anchored and finished with gravel. As the composite resin of the pultrusion profiles is almost identical to the bonding resin...
  • Streetlife: Surf Isles
    Surf Isles
    The Surf Isles meet the demand for more complex, three-dimensional seating islands. The Surf Isles have a playful and undulating surface and use our standard Solid beams (7 x 7cm). A striking and contemporary landscaping...
  • Streetlife: Rough&Ready co-ordinated street furniture
    Rough&Ready co-ordinated street furniture
    Rough&Ready (R&R) products form a coherent suite of street furnishings, including benches, tree planters, Tree Isle combined seating / planter units, cycle parking and bollards. R&R street furniture is characterised by large...
  • Streetlife: Cliffhanger Shrubtub seating and planter system
    Cliffhanger Shrubtub seating and planter system
    Cliffhanger benches can be combined with thick-walled Shrubtub planters to create contemporary seating / planter units. Bench slats are simply mounted to stable tree planters. Using this modular system on existing flat...
  • Streetlife: Solid Terrace Curve
    Solid Terrace Curve
    The Solid Terrace Curve is a striking element allowing for the creation of recreational spaces with excellent seating capacity. The seat and the upright backrest components consist of split solid slats of FSC-100% hardwood...
  • Streetlife: Corten Press Grating
    Corten Press Grating
    The Tree Grille product range is being expanded to include CorTen Press Grating Grilles constructed from CorTen steel strips. Three types are available: transparent: with a small mesh size (approx. 50x17mm) and a square or...
  • Streetlife: Drifter Picnic Sets
    Drifter Picnic Sets
    This extremely sturdy Drifter Picnic Set is made of reclaimed mooring posts. The 30- to 40-year-old tropical hardwood is certified FSC® recycled wood. These enormous picnic tables are an example of circularity (second life,...