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Hardscape Resourcing Limited

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  • Hardscape Resourcing Limited: StablePATH gravel stabilising system
    StablePATH gravel stabilising system
    Hardscape Resourcing Limited
    StablePATH is a permeable paving solution for pathways, communal areas and any pedestrian-only surface, including roof gardens. It comprises: StablePATH ECO gravel stabilisation panel; flexible aluminium StableEDGE edge...
  • Hardscape Resourcing Limited: StablePAVE TRADE gravel grid
    StablePAVE TRADE gravel grid
    Hardscape Resourcing Limited
    StablePAVE TRADE is the most widely used gravel grid in the StablePAVE range. It is suitable for residential driveways, parking areas, footpaths and patios. It is also used extensively for public pedestrianised areas:...
  • Hardscape Resourcing Limited: StableMESH grass reinforcement
    StableMESH grass reinforcement
    Hardscape Resourcing Limited
    StableMESH is designed for the protection of grass surfaces that are subject to pedestrian and light vehicular traffic. It is supplied in 2m wide rolls, 30m long. StableMESH can be installed on existing grass surfaces and...
  • Hardscape Resourcing Limited: StableGRASS MAXI grass grid for permeable paving
    StableGRASS MAXI grass grid for permeable paving
    Hardscape Resourcing Limited
    StableGRASS MAXI grass grids are designed to provide a free-draining, reinforced surface. The system is fully interlocking for enhanced stability and performance. StableGRASS MAXI is produced in large panels, providing...
  • Hardscape Resourcing Limited: StablePAVE HD PRO heavy-duty interlocking gravel grids
    StablePAVE HD PRO heavy-duty interlocking gravel grids
    Hardscape Resourcing Limited
    StablePAVE HD PRO is a 38mm deep, light grey coloured paving grid suitable for heavier-duty and commercial use. It provides a free-draining permeable layer that restricts gravel migration and prevents rutting of ground...
  • Hardscape Resourcing Limited: StablePATH ECO Black light-duty gravel stabilisation
    StablePATH ECO Black light-duty gravel stabilisation
    Hardscape Resourcing Limited
    StablePATH ECO Black is a permeable reinforced gravel stabilisation honeycomb used mainly for pathway, garden and communal social areas. The panels include a weed-suppressant membrane at the base: BREEAM and SuDS friendly...