Kerbs in standard and proprietary designs for pedestrian pavements, vehicle containment and landscape applications on EXTERNAL WORKS. Helping you find the best product for your project.
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  • Marshalls: Granite kerbs
    Granite kerbs
    Granite kerbs are available in rectangular or bullnosed sections with flamed or fine picked finishes. Drop and radius curbs can also be provided. Granite channels are supplied in flat or dished sections. Edgings are supplied...
  • Tobermore: Kerb Large (KL)
    Kerb Large (KL)
    Large kerbs that offer a smooth finish and a variety of laying options Kerb Large is a versatile alternative to traditional large kerbs as we manufacture the product with a dual purpose profile that offers a variety of...
  • Tobermore: Kerbstone concrete block kerb / edging
    Kerbstone concrete block kerb / edging
    Kerbstone's aged appearance is ideal for use in areas where natural and unobtrusive edging is required. It will harmonise with Tegula pavements as well as areas that have been laid with other Tobermore paving systems. Kerbs...
  • Marshalls: Saxon textured concrete kerb
    Saxon textured concrete kerb
    Saxon is a concrete kerb made using Yorkstone aggregate to achieve a natural appearance, which is further enhanced by a secondary shot blasting process. Suited to traditional environments. Durable, textured finish. Many HB2...
  • Ruthin Precast Concrete: Brecon Black Fleck textured concrete kerb
    Brecon Black Fleck textured concrete kerb
    Ruthin Precast Concrete
    As the name suggests, Brecon Black Fleck is a decorative paving range that has a distinctive feature of black flecks embedded in the natural finish.This is a decorative kerb that will subtly stand out and attract admiring...
  • Marshalls: Titan high-containment concrete kerb
    Titan high-containment concrete kerb
    Titan is a high-containment concrete kerb system designed to redirect vehicles onto their intended path and prevent the overrun of vulnerable areas adjacent to the carriageway. The size and shape of the Titan kerb provides a...
  • Tobermore: Kerb Small (KS)
    Kerb Small (KS)
    Small kerbs with a smooth, vibrant finish Kerb Small is the ideal solution for projects that require small kerbs with an attractive finish. This kerbing range is a beautiful alternative to traditional concrete kerbs. The...
  • Tobermore: Country Kerb & Edge
    Country Kerb & Edge
    Country Kerb is a heavy duty commercial kerbing system and is manufactured in a 250x125x915mm size and an exclusive new 255x145x915mm size due to customer demand. This product is designed with strength and endurance in mind...
  • Ruthin Precast Concrete: Standard kerbs
    Standard kerbs
    Ruthin Precast Concrete
    RPC's standard kerbs, channels and edgings are available in a variety of types, including 45° splayed, bullnose, drop kerbs, half battered and radials.
  • Pomery Natural Stone: Granite kerbs
    Granite kerbs
    Pomery Natural Stone
    Pomery Natural Stone supplies a range of silver grey straight and radius granite kerbs, as well as 300 and 450mm radius quadrants from stock. The kerbs are fine-picked as standard, but flame-textured or a rougher, rustic...
  • Marshalls: Conservation textured concrete kerbs and edgings
    Conservation textured concrete kerbs and edgings
    The Conservation concrete kerb combines the appearance of granite aggregate with precision manufacture, and is further enhanced by a secondary shot blasting process. The Conservation kerb is based on proportions similar to...
  • Tobermore: Kerbsett decorative concrete edging kerbs
    Kerbsett decorative concrete edging kerbs
    Kerbsett is a versatile decorative edging system that has been developed to meet the demands of local authorities, engineers and architects for a simple and flexible alternative to traditional concrete kerbs. It is easily...
  • Tobermore: Radii Kerbs
    Radii Kerbs
    Functional radius kerbs used to create curves and arcs Radii Kerbs are perfect for areas where a curved kerb edging product is required. Whilst it is possible to create bends with straight kerbs, it is much less troublesome...
  • Marshalls: Tegula concrete kerb
    Tegula concrete kerb
    The Tegula kerb provides a finishing touch to developments where the kerb is both a functional item and a critical design features. It is ideal for civil, retail, commercial locations and residential streetscapes. Available...
  • Ruthin Precast Concrete: Saron textured concrete kerb
    Saron textured concrete kerb
    Ruthin Precast Concrete
    Saron kerb is manufactured from the finest Welsh aggregates that provide it with natural strength and durability. It is both long lasting and elegant, with its signature being the subtle textured finish. Ideal for both...