Acoustic fences and barriers for noise reduction from roads, railways and industrial sites on EXTERNAL WORKS. Helping you find the best product for your project.
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  • AVS Fencing: Absorptive timber acoustic barriers for road and rail
    Absorptive timber acoustic barriers for road and rail
    AVS Fencing
    AVS Fencing's timber absorptive acoustic barriers for road and rail projects meet stringent Highways Agency requirements. Dual-purpose system with reflective properties on one side and absorbent on the other. Category B3;...
  • Gramm Barrier Systems: ConcreteSoundBlok acoustic tiles
    ConcreteSoundBlok acoustic tiles
    Gramm Barrier Systems
    GRAMM ConcreteSoundBlok tiles can be used to form acoustic barriers. The tiles can be easily cleaned and effectively disinfected of all common forms of bacteria without degradation. They also offer excellent fire resistance...
  • Gramm Barrier Systems: ALUSoundBlok Aluminium acoustic barriers
    ALUSoundBlok Aluminium acoustic barriers
    Gramm Barrier Systems
    Gramm's ALUSoundBlok aluminium acoustic barriers consist of high-density mineral wool encased in aluminium panels, providing a lightweight and corrosion-resistant sound-absorbing barrier. They are perforated to protect and...
  • Livingreen Design: Greenscreen Garden Screen
    Greenscreen Garden Screen
    Livingreen Design
    Greenscreen garden screens have a natural look that is suitable for any environment. The outer side is finished with durable, natural coconut fibres, which makes them suitable for supporting many species of climbing plant.
  • Jacksons Fencing: Jakoustic® Gates
    Jakoustic® Gates
    Jacksons Fencing
    For a totally integrated acoustic fencing solution, we offer matching Jakoustic timber or galvanised steel framed gates configured as singles or pairs to BS EN 1461 in Jakoustic Reflective and Jakoustic Absorptive types in...
  • Livingreen Design: Greenscreen acoustic barriers
    Greenscreen acoustic barriers
    Livingreen Design
    Greenscreen is an environmental acoustic barrier and fencing system. It has been widely specified in Europe for environmentally sensitive locations. It is made predominantly out of recycled material and waste, and is itself...
  • Gramm Barrier Systems: NaturalSoundBlok sound-reflective timber barriers
    NaturalSoundBlok sound-reflective timber barriers
    Gramm Barrier Systems
    Gramm's timber reflective noise barriers are designed to have a maintenance free life span of 30 years. The barriers can be installed in any location with either concrete in or base plated posts. Timber sound-reflective...
  • Livingreen Design: Greenscreen Fencing
    Greenscreen Fencing
    Livingreen Design
    Greenscreen is a flexible, natural garden fence. Designed to support plants, it will over time become completely clothed in foliage forming a green barrier: natural appearing garden screen made of durable coconut fibres; 2...
  • AVS Fencing: Single-sided reflective timber acoustic barriers
    Single-sided reflective timber acoustic barriers
    AVS Fencing
    Single-sided reflective timber acoustic barriers are suitable for roads, schools and commercial properties. Noise reduction up to 29bB; category B3; natural timber finish; superficial mass 6.9 to 11.66kg/m2. Also available...
  • Barkers Fencing: Posts for acoustic noise barriers
    Posts for acoustic noise barriers
    Barkers Fencing
    Barkers Fencing manufactures posts to match all types of reflective or absorptive acoustic panels. Post and fixings can be manufactured to exact requirements. 1.8 – 6.0m Stopper plates, holes, welded and loose cleats. All...
  • Gramm Barrier Systems: Transparent noise barriers
    Transparent noise barriers
    Gramm Barrier Systems
    Gramm transparent noise barriers provide an effective yet aesthetically pleasing method of reducing sound emission. With a clear view from both sides, the barrier fits harmoniously into the environment. These lightweight and...
  • Tendercare Nurseries: Kokowall® Standard noise barrier
    Kokowall® Standard noise barrier
    Tendercare Nurseries
    The Kokowall® Standard acoustic barrier has a steel frame and cassettes with an outer layer of durable coconut fibre which allows various types of climbing plants to grow on them. A Kokowall® screen is fully overgrown within...
  • Gramm Barrier Systems: Green noise barrier - highways
    Green noise barrier - highways
    Gramm Barrier Systems
    GRAMM Green noise barrier is a mineral wool-based noise barrier, which offers good absorption and insulation values. The barrier panels consist of metal mesh covered with a PE net. The PE net can be supplied in different...
  • Livingreen Design: Greenscreen Industrial Privacy Screen
    Greenscreen Industrial Privacy Screen
    Livingreen Design
    Greenscreen industrial privacy screens are more robust and larger than Greenscreen garden screens. They can be used as environmental greenscreens in public spaces or as exterior dividing screens in office car parks. The...
  • Livingreen Design: Greenscreen LITE noise barrier
    Greenscreen LITE noise barrier
    Livingreen Design
    Greenscreen LITE noise barriers are lightweight and provide sound insulation of 29dB. The outer side of the barrier is finished with natural and durable coconut fibres, which enables them to support climbing plants. They are...