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  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: 1.8m roundabout
    1.8m roundabout
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    There are a number of options for the 1.8m seated roundabout. There are the footprints seats as shown in the picture or the three seat arrangement of the 1.5m Roundabout can also be requested. The final option is to have...
  • Jupiter Play: Dinamix Carousel L25
    Dinamix Carousel L25
    Jupiter Play
    Galopin's specialist design and manufacture makes this product no ordinary roundabout. The visually appealing carousel is made of galvanised steel making the product just a robust as it looks contemporary. Fitting in...
  • Safe & Sound Playgrounds: Seated Roundabout
    Seated Roundabout
    Safe & Sound Playgrounds
    This great seated roundabout offers two seating areas with supportive back bar. Fantastic for all ages and abilities to enjoy. The roundabout also features a spinning wheel in the centre for faster play.
  • Jupiter Play: Dutch Disc Turntable 9044601300
    Dutch Disc Turntable 9044601300
    Jupiter Play
    This inclusive piece of equipment provides the opportunity for multi users of all ages and abilities to play together. Younger children gradually learn about the fun of speed on roundabouts. Then as they gain self-...
  • Wicksteed Playgrounds: Simulator roundabouts
    Simulator roundabouts
    Wicksteed Playgrounds
    The Simulator is a truly exciting roundabout. When children experience it they feel as if they are on a fairground ride as they rock and roll at speed, often being spun around by their friends. The unique dual axis bearing...
  • Timberplay: Giant Revolving Disc
    Giant Revolving Disc
    Giant Revolving Disc Large roundabout, perfect for older children from the age of up wards, but particualrly suitable for pre-teens and teenagers.The speed can be controlled by setting the product in motion , spinning at the...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Custom and bespoke roundabouts
    Custom and bespoke roundabouts
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Massey & Harris manufactures custom and bespoke roundabouts - 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m, and 2.5m. With our in house manufacturing we are able to make custom and bespoke roundabouts to the client's specifications. These custom...
  • Jupiter Play: Wildlife Wheelspin roundabout IP12W
    Wildlife Wheelspin roundabout IP12W
    Jupiter Play
    The Wildlife Wheelspin roundabout is a decorative version of the original blue and white Wheelspin. It brings character to a play area whilst allowing children of all ages and abilities to enjoy the spinning motion...
  • Timberplay: Richter Spielgeräte Wobble Dish
    Richter Spielgeräte Wobble Dish
    Wobble Dish can hold from one to three small children and provides wobbling, swinging enjoyment. When the children shift their weight they can swing to and fro, can whirl in a circle or roll while the dish moves on its...
  • Sovereign Design Play Systems: Apollo (DDA) wheelchair accessible metal roundabout
    Apollo (DDA) wheelchair accessible metal roundabout
    Sovereign Design Play Systems
    The Apollo roundabout is designed so that users in wheelchairs can ride alongside others. Installed flush with the ground, this product is easily accessible for all: dimensions: (L) 2000 x (W) 2000 x (H) 800mm; minimum space...
  • Jupiter Play: Fusion IP09
    Fusion IP09
    Jupiter Play
    A fusion of fun and excitement for all, the Fusion is a smaller more compact unit that spins and rocks like the Revolve. It is dynamic and due to the design is highly inclusive. The wide rim, utilising a non-slip Tredsafe...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Wheelchair-accessible roundabout
    Wheelchair-accessible roundabout
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Wheelchair-accessible roundabouts are designed for maximum safety. Durable and smooth rotating mechanism enables the standing platform to sit flush to the ground. Designed to allow wheelchairs and 3 additional seats with...
  • Wicksteed Playgrounds: G-force roundabouts
    G-force roundabouts
    Wicksteed Playgrounds
    No playground is complete without one, so here are some exciting contemporary designs based on this traditional and much loved concept. We also choose to continue marketing our timeless styles of traditional roundabouts,...
  • Wicksteed Playgrounds: Dizzy Roundabouts
    Dizzy Roundabouts
    Wicksteed Playgrounds
    The Dizzy roundabout rocks and spins on a dual axis bearing mechanism, enabling multi-directional play for agile or less-agile children in an extremely wide age range. Kids can sit or stand, kneel or lay on this inclusive...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: 2.0m 6-seat roundabout
    2.0m 6-seat roundabout
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    The 6-seat roundabout is 2.0m in diameter. The bearing mechanism allows the roundabout to spin even a low speeds. Other deck options are available, but this allows 6 young children to play together safely and the back to...