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  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Medway rotator
    Medway rotator
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    The Medway rotator is a large spinner for 8 years and up. The unit spins, twirls and rises as it rotates. It offers something different and daring which older children love. The main beam rotates starting at about 300mm off...
  • Timberplay: 7.26000 Rotating Disc
    7.26000 Rotating Disc
    This low-height, high energy roundabout allows turning at various speeds ranging from relaxed rotation to wild fun. The wooden surface gives a pleasant, tactile experience for children age six and above.
  • Schoolscapes: Inclusive Roundabout
    Inclusive Roundabout
    This colourful, Inclusive Roundabout has been specifically designed to enable easy wheelchair access. It is cleverly inserted into the ground, so wheelchair users can wheel smoothly and independently onto the platform. The...
  • eibe Play Ltd: Unique Uranus stand-up roundabout D115cm
    Unique Uranus stand-up roundabout D115cm
    eibe Play Ltd
    The upright, low level Uranus stand-up spinner allows a number of children to play together and spin around the centre posts. Item code: 5560690
  • Jupiter Play: Wildlife Wheelspin inclusive roundabout IP12W
    Wildlife Wheelspin inclusive roundabout IP12W
    Jupiter Play
    The Wildlife Wheelspin roundabout is a decorative version of the original blue and white Wheelspin. It brings character to a play area whilst allowing children of all ages and abilities to enjoy the spinning motion...
  • eibe Play Ltd: Unique Jupiter roundabout D200cm
    Unique Jupiter roundabout D200cm
    eibe Play Ltd
    Constructed from stainless steel, the Unique Jupiter roundabout is robust and able to meet the demands of all play areas. The Jupiter's seating offers children safety and it is a great place for social interaction too. Item...
  • Jupiter Play: Infinity Bowl IP20
    Infinity Bowl IP20
    Jupiter Play
    The Infinity Bowl rotates on a single-point axis at an incline of 14 degrees. It is designed for ease of transfer, with low-level access making it ideal for children being transferred from a wheelchair or pram. The angle and...
  • Wicksteed Playgrounds: Swirl roundabouts
    Swirl roundabouts
    Wicksteed Playgrounds
    DDA compliant and ultra-stylish, the Swirl Roundabout offers endless hours of safe, twirling fun for all abilities. With easy wheelchair access, it makes the ideal product for those less able bodied to fully enjoy the...
  • Safe & Sound Playgrounds: Seated roundabout
    Seated roundabout
    Safe & Sound Playgrounds
    The seated roundabout offers two seating areas with supportive back bar. Fantastic for all ages and abilities to enjoy. The roundabout also features a spinning wheel in the centre for faster play: 70cm high; 23.70m2 space...
  • HAGS: Rota Roka playground spinner for inclusive play
    Rota Roka playground spinner for inclusive play
    The Rota Roka is a spinning and rocking play dish with a shiny and attractive design. It actively encourages inclusive play and is suitable for all abilities of children, encouraging cooperation through playing together. The...
  • Proludic Play & Sports Areas: Speed Gyro roundabout (J2400)
    Speed Gyro roundabout (J2400)
    Proludic Play & Sports Areas
    The Speed Gyro J2400 roundabout is suitable for children aged 3 to 10 years. The large diameter seating area allows several children to use it at the same time and gives enough space for parents to sit next to toddlers and...
  • Sovereign Design Play Systems: Ares metal roundabout
    Ares metal roundabout
    Sovereign Design Play Systems
    The Ares roundabout is Sovereign's take on a traditional playground favourite. With two seats and two standing areas, multiple children can play together at once on one of the safest roundabouts around: dimensions: (L) 2000...
  • Jupiter Play: Dinamix Carousel L25
    Dinamix Carousel L25
    Jupiter Play
    Galopin's specialist design and manufacture makes this product no ordinary roundabout. The visually appealing carousel is made of galvanised steel making the product just a robust as it looks contemporary. Fitting in...
  • eibe Play Ltd: Unique Wheelchair Carousel Roundabout
    Unique Wheelchair Carousel Roundabout
    eibe Play Ltd
    The Unique integration carousel allows users of all abilities the opportunity to enjoy rotating together. A truly inclusive and social piece of play equipment. Item code: 5640030
  • eibe Play Ltd: Unique Venus stand-up roundabout D50cm
    Unique Venus stand-up roundabout D50cm
    eibe Play Ltd
    The upright, low level Venus stand-up spinner allows a number of children to play together and spin around the centre post. Item code: 5560660