Recessed ground lighting on EXTERNAL WORKS. Helping you find the best product for your project.
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  • Streetlife: Tree Air® Spot
    Tree Air® Spot
    The Tree Air® Spot from the Streetlife Tree Products Collection is used to lighten up trees. The spotlight owes its name to the root aeration, which is accomplished naturally via the root aeration channel. The spotlights can...
  • ACO Water Management: ACO Eyeleds combined drainage/lighting system
    ACO Eyeleds combined drainage/lighting system
    ACO Water Management
    ACO Eyeleds is a combined domestic surface water drainage and lighting system for use in pedestrian and light vehicle applications such as patios, drives, and private parking areas. The system consists of discreet white or...
  • ACO Water Management: ACO LightPoint combined drainage / lighting system
    ACO LightPoint combined drainage / lighting system
    ACO Water Management
    ACO LightPoint provides efficient and illuminated drainage. The high quality ductile iron spotlight grating is designed for use with the ACO MultiDrain MD or ACO MultiDrain PPD channel drainage systems. A choice of white or...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Sunstone external ground LED lighting
    Sunstone external ground LED lighting
    Artform Urban Furniture
    Sunstone is a completely Solar-powered LED lighting system housed in a circular or square stone shape, to be installed into the ground or walls with no power cables or maintenance needed. The light is refracted through the...
  • TLW | The Lightworks: Eyeleds® recessed LED lighting
    Eyeleds® recessed LED lighting
    TLW | The Lightworks
    Eyeleds® is a range of patented LED lighting that is easy to install and can be walked or driven over. They are IP67 rated, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Units are also cool to the touch and...
  • DW Windsor: Anello LED architectural lighting
    Anello LED architectural lighting
    DW Windsor
    The Anello LED feature light, for flush mounting into paved areas or walls, is used in a wide range of architectural applications, from lighting street furniture and lamposts to landscape illumination. Offered in two...
  • DW Windsor: Capra ground recessed architectural luminaire
    Capra ground recessed architectural luminaire
    DW Windsor
    The Capra range of ground recessed luminaires is suitable for uplighting facades, trees, architectural features and way marking It is of a durable construction and can withstand vehicular impact from cars and other wheeled...
  • DW Windsor: Monza recessed architectural luminaire
    Monza recessed architectural luminaire
    DW Windsor
    The Monza recessed architectural luminaire is used to highlight and create dramatic effects on building facades, monuments and sculptures. It is supplied with a marine-grade stainless steel frame, but can also be supplied...
  • DW Windsor: Vaio LED linear architectural lighting
    Vaio LED linear architectural lighting
    DW Windsor
    The Vaio LED linear light has a minimal low-profile design. This allows it to be installed in pedestrian areas, walkways, paths and walls, offering a range of exterior and interior applications. Available in five different...
  • Krio-in LED-based linear inground light fitting
    Kingfisher Lighting
    Krio-in is an LED-based, linear in-ground light fitting, featuring full edging glass for a flush recessed finish. It is suitable for facade lighting and architectural features. Light source: LED 34x01W, LED 69x0.1W. Canopy /...
  • Linea-in contemporary inground light
    Kingfisher Lighting
    Linea-in is a contemporary in-ground light. It is suitable for recessed fitting in walls or floors and is designed to provide accent lighting for facades and architectural features. The lights can be wall or floor mounted...
  • QuadMarka 4-way In-Ground Natural Copper Walk Over Light
    Lumena Lights
    The QuadMarka 240v 4-way recessed copper light is suitable for edging and highlighting decking, steps, patio areas, and driveways. It can be mounted directly into the ground, or into materials such as wood, brick, slabs and...
  • Inground Series lighting
    Kingfisher Lighting
    Walk-over and drive-over inground uplighters available in a range of diameters. Inground Series units are suitable for use with a wide range of light sources and in a range of lighting distributions. Cool Glass options,...