Cycle lockers to securely store bikes at external public locations such as train stations, town centres, offices and other workplaces on EXTERNAL WORKS. Helping you find the best product for your project.
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  • Miko Shelter Solutions: Secure steel cycle lockers
    Secure steel cycle lockers
    Miko Shelter Solutions
    Miko cycle lockers can be created to store any number of bikes. Fabricated in steel with secure locking. Various designs are available to choose from including bespoke options.
  • AUTOPA Limited: Mesh Cycle Lockers
    Mesh Cycle Lockers
    AUTOPA Limited
    Mesh cycle lockers can store one bike and can be used with or without a cycle trough. The locker is made from galvanised steel with mesh side panels. A galvanised steel roof can be added at an additional cost. All galvanised...
  • Falco UK: FalcoLok-500 secure modular storage unit for cycles
    FalcoLok-500 secure modular storage unit for cycles
    Falco UK
    The FalcoLok 500 is the biggest cycle shelter of the FalcoLok family, providing a very large equipment/cycle storage housed under a single roof span without internal supports. As with all products in the range, the FalcoLok...
  • Zaun: Individually lockable steel bike lockers
    Individually lockable steel bike lockers
    Zaun offers safe and secure bike lockers. The whole bike is enclosed, and is therefore more secure than traditional bike stands. The lockers are available in any number, and can be ordered in sets for positioning at...
  • NBB Outdoor Shelters: Highcliffe vertical bike locker
    Highcliffe vertical bike locker
    NBB Outdoor Shelters
    The Highcliffe Vertical bike locker is a space-saving locker suitable for storing and protecting cycles: fitted with a patented mounting hoop that uses gravity to hold the bike upright; manufactured to the Quality Cycle...
  • Falco UK: FalcoCrea and FalcoCrea+ cycle stores
    FalcoCrea and FalcoCrea+ cycle stores
    Falco UK
    The FalcoCrea was developed from a growing demand for secure cycle storage for private homes, businesses and community neighbourhoods. It is based on the flagship FalcoLok design, and retains the same design characteristics...
  • Cycle-Works: Velo-Safe cycle locker
    Velo-Safe cycle locker
    Velo-Safe is a space-efficient, secure and attractive cycle locker specifically designed to fit sites that cannot accommodate bigger lockers. Parks one bicycle; very space-efficient; can be installed in many configurations;...
  • Cycle-Works: BykeBin cycle locker
    BykeBin cycle locker
    The BykeBin is a plastic (polyethylene) locker that stores the bike horizontally: parks one bicycle; installed in minutes, either in a single row or interlocked back to back; variety of standard colours, including...
  • Cycle-Works: VeloStore multi-bike locker
    VeloStore multi-bike locker
    Velostore is a compact bike storage unit designed to fit in the width of one standard 2.4 x 4.8m car parking space. Alternatively, two units can be placed side by side across the length of the space. Bollards can be used to...
  • Falco UK: FalcoLok-300 secure modular storage unit for cycles
    FalcoLok-300 secure modular storage unit for cycles
    Falco UK
    FalcoLok is a very versatile range of shelters providing lockable secure store in a modular range. FalcoLok is designed for storing a wide range of items such as bicycles, equipment and bins. It is a robust and...
  • Cleveland Sitesafe: Bikesafe quad bike store
    Bikesafe quad bike store
    Cleveland Sitesafe
    A heavy duty steel fabricated bike store highly secure and very robust ideal for storage of quad bikes and similar small vehicles and machines eg stump grinders, jet skis, motorbikes: 3mm mild steel construction; sitesafe...
  • Erlau AG: Pedalo Cycle Box
    Pedalo Cycle Box
    Erlau AG
    The Pedalo Cycle Box offers modular parking for cycles that is both secure and easy to access. Units can be used singly or the system can be expanded to an unlimited number of cycle boxes. The wire mesh cover opens using gas...
  • Falco UK: FalcoLok-600 secure modular storage unit for cycles
    FalcoLok-600 secure modular storage unit for cycles
    Falco UK
    The FalcoLok-600 cycle storage unit is characterised by its internal spacious design. Ideal for a large range of storage applications including a cycles, sports equipment, bins and machinery, the FalcoLok-600 is both an...
  • Falco UK: FalcoLok-250 secure modular storage unit for cycles
    FalcoLok-250 secure modular storage unit for cycles
    Falco UK
    The FalcoLok is an attractive, modular range of secure stores ideal for accomodating up to 20 cycle parking spaces. Each FalcoLok product is available in a standard sized unit or can be modified to meet a wide range of...
  • AUTOPA Limited: MM Cycle Locker
    MM Cycle Locker
    AUTOPA Limited
    The MM cycle locker can be used for bicycles, motorbikes, storage and security. The frame is made of 50x50x3mm hollow square section mild steel and 50x50x5mm angle iron, all galvanised. Uprights are made of of 50x50x3mm...