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  • GoPlastic: Picket fencing in solid recycled plastic
    Picket fencing in solid recycled plastic
    Picket fencing is manufactured from recycled plastic profiles and is available in various dimensions and styles. Picket fencing has long been a traditional style of fencing in the UK, and it is ideal for housing developments...
  • GoPlastic: Normandie - recycled plastic bin bays
    Normandie - recycled plastic bin bays
    The Normandie bin bay fence system is made from 100% recycled plastic solid boards. They are suited to bin collection points - being hygienic, robust and aesthetically pleasing: louvre style boards allow air to circulate,...
  • NBB Recycled Furniture: 100% recycled plastic picket fencing
    100% recycled plastic picket fencing
    NBB Recycled Furniture
    Vibrant 100% recycled plastic picket fencing, ideal for schools and playgrounds. Available in a range of different colours and sizes: will never rot, crack or splinter; vandal-proof - stronger than timber alternatives, and...
  • NBB Recycled Furniture: 100% Recycled Plastic Countryside Pasture Fencing
    100% Recycled Plastic Countryside Pasture Fencing
    NBB Recycled Furniture
    This classic pasture-style fencing is very easy to install. Simply insert the crossbars (either 3 or 5 piece) and lock into place with a screw. Not only is this manufactured from 100% recycled plastic - meaning it will never...
  • NBB Recycled Furniture: 100% recycled plastic closed board privacy fencing
    100% recycled plastic closed board privacy fencing
    NBB Recycled Furniture
    Posts are pre-grooved and available in corners, end posts or in-between panels. Finished with a stylish cap. Screen panels easily slot between the posts and a bottom board is available to additional stability. Fence panels...
  • GoPlastic: GovaWall® - solid recycled plastic closeboard fencing
    GovaWall® - solid recycled plastic closeboard fencing
    GovaWall® is a complete closeboard fence system with solid recycled plastic posts or panels only, to fit existing concrete posts. GovaWall® has solid recycled plastic tongue-and-groove boards with galvanised steel channel,...
  • IAE Fencing: Recycled plastic fencing
    Recycled plastic fencing
    IAE Fencing
    Recycled plastic fencing has been found to be a great alternative to timber on bin stores and in social housing schemes. A sustainable option with an unparalled life span, recycled plastic fencing is becoming an ever more...
  • Residentiel Vinyl Cladding: Royal acoustic plastic fencing
    Royal acoustic plastic fencing
    Residentiel Vinyl Cladding
    Royal acoustic plastic fencing is made up of PVC panels that are filled with sound-absorbing mineral wool and finished with an attractive perforated plate. It has sound absorption Class A3 and acoustic insulation Class B2...
  • 100% Recycled Plastic Fencing
    NBB School Shelters
    NBB manufacture a wide range of 100% recycled plastic products, including an extensive range of fencing solutions for any business organisation.
  • Recycled plastic picket fencing
    NBB School Shelters
    Whether you are looking to secure your playground or fence off certain area, NBB can supply you with the highest quality fencing at competitive prices: suitable for providing secure playgrounds and break areas; wide range of...
  • hanit® Ogee interlocking palisade fencing
    Hahn Plastics
    Available with solid or hollow profiles, hanit® Ogee recycled plastic palisade is more durable than wood and lighter than concrete. Easy to install and with no ongoing maintenance costs, Ogee interlocking palisade is ideal...
  • Recycled plastic gates
    Marmax Products
    Plastic gates are available to match Marmax recycled plastic fencing. They are available in a choice of brown, black, blue, green, red, yellow and rainbow colours. Available sizes: 1000x850mm; 1200x850mm; 1500x850mm;...
  • hanit® Palisades
    Hahn Plastics
    Recycled plastic profiles that can be used to build palisade fences: rectangular hollow section; 2 profiles; lengths to 150cm. Brown or Grey
  • hanit® view protection wall
    Hahn Plastics
    hanit® view protection wall provides an attractive and versatile solution for preserving privacy or for the screening of unsightly views. The wall comprises of galvanized steel reinforced plastic posts, which are used as...
  • Picket fencing
    Marmax Products
    Marmax recycled plastic outdoor picket fencing is completely weatherproof. It will not rot, corrode or splinter, and is ideal for exposed situations. The fencing provides an attractive, low-maintenance boundary that retains...