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  • Marshalls: Renaissance recycled concrete flag paving
    Renaissance recycled concrete flag paving
    Renaissance is an elegant, lightly textured paving flag that is offered in a subtle colour palette that will blend well within most environments. The product achieves over 80% recycled content, using non virgin aggregates.
  • Tobermore: Mayfair concrete paving flags
    Mayfair concrete paving flags
    Mayfair concrete paving flags have a contemporary finish with a modern feel. Manufactured with sparkling natural granite aggregates, Mayfair flags and accompanying steps have a hard-wearing, durable surface and come in five...
  • Marshalls: Saxon textured concrete paving
    Saxon textured concrete paving
    Saxon textured concrete paving incorporates Yorkstone aggregate. It has a consistent textured surface, which ensures durability and non-slip properties. Saxon Paving is made in an extensive range of sizes and thicknesses to...
  • Tobermore: Mayfair paving with stain-resistant EasyClean technology
    Mayfair paving with stain-resistant EasyClean technology
    Tobermore’s EasyClean stain-resistant paving technology takes the work out of caring for paving. Paving treated with EasyClean resists many of the materials which can cause staining on patios and pathways around the home, so...
  • URBASTYLE®: Variado concrete slabs
    Variado concrete slabs
    The VARIADO Ferro slab system is available in nine different formats, which makes this system very creative to meet your ideas. These formats are combined with four natural colors designed to inspire you in your creativity.
  • Hardscape: Kellen Double Excel large format concrete paving
    Kellen Double Excel large format concrete paving
    Kellen Double Excel are large format, custom-made concrete slabs created using specialist expertise. They cover a large area with ease: made to order; large area coverage; collection wells with hidden and open drainage...
  • Ruthin Precast Concrete: Brecon Black Fleck commercial paving
    Brecon Black Fleck commercial paving
    Ruthin Precast Concrete
    Brecon Black Fleck commercial paving features black flecks embedded in its decorative finishes. Standard colour: natural. Other colours available on request: buff and red. Finishes: textured, medium ground, high ground and...
  • URBASTYLE®: Nueva Design concrete slabs
    Nueva Design concrete slabs
    Slabs with precise contours combining elegant shades are the characteristics of this modern range. NUEVA is available in different sizes, colors and finishes. NUEVA paving systems offers many colors, finishes, sizes, and...
  • Tobermore: Beaufort Flags
    Beaufort Flags
    Beaufort Flags are a popular choice for paving pathways and courtyards in commercial and residential developments. Inspired by the timeless appeal of natural stone, Beaufort Flags are manufactured with a contoured surface...
  • Ruthin Precast Concrete: Fibre-reinforced standard pimple paving
    Fibre-reinforced standard pimple paving
    Ruthin Precast Concrete
    Fibre-reinforced paving is stronger than traditional paving and reduces the cracking or fracturing that often occurs with vehicular overrun or heavy pedestrian traffic. These cracks can cause a trip hazard, which RPC's fibre...
  • Marshalls: Conservation textured concrete paving
    Conservation textured concrete paving
    Conservation textured concrete paving combines the appearance and richness of natural granite aggregates, and benefits from the consistency of modern manufacturing techniques. It is manufactured from 48.3% recycled...
  • URBASTYLE®: Scada large format slabs
    Scada large format slabs
    SCADA large format slabs system combine effective surfaces with technical convincing features. They have a brilliant appearance with colourfast natural stone chips and elaborate surface treatment. The stabilizing...
  • Hardscape: Kellen Lavaro washed concrete paving
    Kellen Lavaro washed concrete paving
    Kellen Lavaro is a modular concrete paving system created from concrete with a top coating layer of 70% natural stone. It is an economical, water-etched paving product supplied in a range of pigmented colours. The natural...
  • Marshalls: Celestia smooth ground concrete paving
    Celestia smooth ground concrete paving
    Celestia smooth ground concrete paving is a contemporary linear paving range designed for modern urban developments where it can be used to create distinctive hardscapes. The elongated proportions of Celestia create a...
  • Tobermore: Historic Flags and Circle
    Historic Flags and Circle
    Tobermore's Historic Flag range provides the look and feel of traditional natural stone with similar hard wearing characteristics. The fettled edges and riven face add to the warmth and charm of these flags and make them...