Concrete paving flags on EXTERNAL WORKS. Helping you find the best product for your project.
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  • Tobermore: Braemar Flags
    Braemar Flags
    Braemar is a premium paving product manufactured with natural aggregates that emulate the distinct aesthetics of natural stone. As a genuine concrete alternative, Braemar meets both the aesthetic and quality expectations of...
  • URBASTYLE®: Fasonado large size slabs architectural precast concrete
    Fasonado large size slabs architectural precast concrete
    FASONADO has been developed to manufacture large format slabs to specific requirements. It has a brilliant appearance with colourfast natural stone chips and elaborate surface treatment. Produced in a wide variety of...
  • URBASTYLE®: Massimo Light large format slabs
    Massimo Light large format slabs
    Massimo Light large format slabs are ideally suited to create clean, architectural lines within projects. Applications include pedestrian areas, urban squares, parks and public gardens. Constructed from high-tech concrete...
  • URBASTYLE®: Nueva Design concrete slabs
    Nueva Design concrete slabs
    Slabs with precise contours combining elegant shades are the characteristics of this modern range. NUEVA is available in different sizes, colors and finishes. NUEVA paving systems offers many colors, finishes, sizes, and...
  • Tobermore: Beaufort Flags
    Beaufort Flags
    Beaufort Flags are a popular choice for paving pathways and courtyards in commercial and residential developments. Inspired by the timeless appeal of natural stone, Beaufort Flags are manufactured with a contoured surface...
  • Ruthin Precast Concrete: Standard pimple-textured concrete pavers
    Standard pimple-textured concrete pavers
    Ruthin Precast Concrete
    Standard pimple-textured concrete paving is a cost-effective and functional paving appropriate for most applications. It is available in an extensive range of standard sizes and thicknesses.
  • URBASTYLE®: Topstone large format custom dimension slabs
    Topstone large format custom dimension slabs
    The TOPSTONE floor covering system combines the excellent properties of natural stone and concrete. This patented multilayered system is made of a high quality natural stone 2-3 cm thick combined with a solid concrete base.
  • URBASTYLE®: Scada large format slabs
    Scada large format slabs
    SCADA large format slabs system combine effective surfaces with technical convincing features. They have a brilliant appearance with colourfast natural stone chips and elaborate surface treatment. The stabilizing...
  • URBASTYLE®: Decado concrete slabs
    Decado concrete slabs
    Decado Finerro opens new perspectives for the individual design of pathways and public spaces. Extra long sizes give the appearance of a well-designed floor. DECADO Finerro is designed without beveled edges and surfaces are...
  • Ruthin Precast Concrete: Saron commercial paving
    Saron commercial paving
    Ruthin Precast Concrete
    Saron paving stands out from other shades of grey with the slight hint of cream colouring. Colours: Natural Finishes: Textured, Medium Ground, High Ground and Supreme. Special Order: Saron Patterned Also available in fibre...
  • Marshalls: Conservation skimmed flag paving
    Conservation skimmed flag paving
    Conservation skimmed concrete paving provides a textured finish in three colourways. The skimming process gently exposes the unique aggregate blend to produce an attractive surface finish. Heather Grey bursts with colour but...
  • Marshalls: Conservation textured concrete paving
    Conservation textured concrete paving
    Conservation textured concrete paving combines the appearance and richness of natural granite aggregates, and benefits from the consistency of modern manufacturing techniques. It is manufactured from 48.3% recycled...
  • URBASTYLE®: Variado concrete slabs
    Variado concrete slabs
    The VARIADO Ferro slab system is available in nine different formats, which makes this system very creative to meet your ideas. These formats are combined with four natural colors designed to inspire you in your creativity.
  • Tobermore: AirClean® Mayfair Flags
    AirClean® Mayfair Flags
    Vibrant granite appearance - Can improve air quality by reducing NO2 - Manufactured with sparkling natural granite aggregates - Superb hard-wearing granite surface - Vibrant long-lasting colours - Significantly reduced...
  • Ruthin Precast Concrete: Classic riven concrete paving flags
    Classic riven concrete paving flags
    Ruthin Precast Concrete
    Classic is a riven concrete paving flag designed for domestic garden patios and pathways. Plan sizes 600x600, 450x450, 300x300, 600x300mm; 2 thicknesses; and 3 colourways.