Concrete paving flags on EXTERNAL WORKS. Helping you find the best product for your project.
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  • Ruthin Precast Concrete: Brecon Black Fleck commercial paving
    Brecon Black Fleck commercial paving
    Ruthin Precast Concrete
    Brecon Black Fleck commercial paving features black flecks embedded in its decorative finishes. Standard colour: natural. Other colours available on request: buff and red. Finishes: textured, medium ground, high ground and...
  • Tobermore: Mayfair concrete paving flags
    Mayfair concrete paving flags
    Mayfair concrete paving flags have a contemporary finish with a modern feel. Manufactured with sparkling natural granite aggregates, Mayfair flags and accompanying steps have a hard-wearing, durable surface and come in five...
  • Tobermore: Historic Flags and Circle
    Historic Flags and Circle
    Tobermore's Historic Flag range provides the look and feel of traditional natural stone with similar hard wearing characteristics. The fettled edges and riven face add to the warmth and charm of these flags and make them...
  • Marshalls: Charnwood textured concrete paving
    Charnwood textured concrete paving
    Charnwood is a textured concrete paving with a defined finish, created by the use of larger sized aggregates. Contemporary look for urban environments. Subtle buff and French grey textured finishes. Two plan sizes - 450x450,...
  • Marshalls: Keypave smooth concrete paving
    Keypave smooth concrete paving
    A smooth concrete paving flag designed specifically to allow housebuilders to build pathways and patios that integrate into hardscaped spaces for residential homes. Smooth surface finish. Chamfered profile edge. Four...
  • Marshalls: Standard pimple concrete paving
    Standard pimple concrete paving
    Standard pimple-textured concrete paving is a cost-effective and functional paving appropriate for most applications. Different loading requirements are catered for through a range of thicknesses and reinforcement options:...
  • Marshalls: Celestia smooth ground concrete paving
    Celestia smooth ground concrete paving
    Celestia smooth ground concrete paving is a contemporary linear paving range designed for modern urban developments where it can be used to create distinctive hardscapes. The elongated proportions of Celestia create a...
  • URBASTYLE®: Bizarro concrete slabs
    Bizarro concrete slabs
    The new BIZARRO Fino paving system gives life with exciting contrasts. The geometry of bevel angles and dynamic lines give it a unique signature. With Klostermann BIZARRO Fino pavements and slabs, you give a touch of class...
  • Tobermore: AirClean® Mayfair Flags
    AirClean® Mayfair Flags
    Vibrant granite appearance - Can improve air quality by reducing NO2 - Manufactured with sparkling natural granite aggregates - Superb hard-wearing granite surface - Vibrant long-lasting colours - Significantly reduced...
  • Tobermore: Beaufort paving flags with stain-resistant EasyClean
    Beaufort paving flags with stain-resistant EasyClean
    Beaufort paving flags have a natural stone-effect finish with a soft, contoured surface. They are available in Buff, Natural and Charcoal colours. The flags are coated with an EasyClean treatment which will repel spills and...
  • URBASTYLE®: Decaston concrete slabs
    Decaston concrete slabs
    DECASTON light colors evokes antique statues. The pavement system made of 60x90 cm and 60x60 cm slabs offers many possibilities and variations. We particularly recommend DECASTON for large areas and long pathways.
  • Tobermore: Anglesey Flags
    Anglesey Flags
    Cost-effective alternative to natural stone If you’re in search of an attractive ground paving product for a commercial application then look no further than our Anglesey Flag range. These hard-wearing paving slabs are a...
  • Tobermore: Riven Flags
    Riven Flags
    Riven flags combine the rugged look of natural stone with the strength and durability of machine pressed flags. Their small size and light weight make them a popular choice for residential customers. Riven flags are...
  • Ruthin Precast Concrete: Saron commercial paving
    Saron commercial paving
    Ruthin Precast Concrete
    Saron paving stands out from other shades of grey with the slight hint of cream colouring. Colours: Natural Finishes: Textured, Medium Ground, High Ground and Supreme. Special Order: Saron Patterned Also available in fibre...
  • Marshalls: Conservation skimmed flag paving
    Conservation skimmed flag paving
    Conservation skimmed concrete paving provides a textured finish in three colourways. The skimming process gently exposes the unique aggregate blend to produce an attractive surface finish. Heather Grey bursts with colour but...