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  • All Urban: Santa & Cole Arne Spot Light
    Santa & Cole Arne Spot Light
    All Urban
    With formal simplicity and a compact size, a natural expression of its function, ARNE is a perfect floodlight for any urban or architectural space. The Arne collection comes in a range of colours and supports with differing...
  • Urbis Schréder: Focal compact, waterproof floodlight
    Focal compact, waterproof floodlight
    Urbis Schréder
    Focal is a compact, waterproof floodlight (IP66) for lamps up to 150W. Focal offers a wide choice of light distributions (peak intensities from 300 to 32,000 cd/klm) for illuminating external facades. Focal consists of a...
  • Thorn Lighting: Areaflood general purpose floodlights
    Areaflood general purpose floodlights
    Thorn Lighting
    Areaflood is a range of general-purpose area floodlights with superior optical performance and control. Areaflood's optical secret lies in the design of a new generation of reflectors which, when combined with the inclined...
  • iGuzzini UK: Platea LED urban lighting
    Platea LED urban lighting
    iGuzzini UK
    Platea offers the advantages of modern LED technology, including lighting efficiency, energy savings and using RGB colour changes. The innovative Alo optic, created for the Platea system, is suitable for lighting cycle lanes...
  • Urbis Schréder: Corus floodlight
    Corus floodlight
    Urbis Schréder
    Corus is a compact, waterproof floodlight for lamps of up to 150W. It consists of a painted extruded aluminium body closed at one end by a painted, die-cast aluminium alloy cover, and at the other end by a die-cast aluminium...
  • iGuzzini UK: FrameWoody direct lighting
    FrameWoody direct lighting
    iGuzzini UK
    FrameWoody is a direct lighting system comprising straight and square support structures, which can be grouped together. The system is used with metal halide, sodium discharge and mercury discharge lamps. The FrameWoody can...
  • Urbis Schréder: Neos floodlight
    Neos floodlight
    Urbis Schréder
    The Neos floodlight is suitable for urban areas, such as public squares, parking areas and major thoroughfares. It has a minimalist appearance that blends in with surroundings. Neos is available in three sizes. Depending on...
  • Thorn Lighting: Contrast LED floodlight fittings
    Contrast LED floodlight fittings
    Thorn Lighting
    The newest addition to Thorns versatile range of floodlighting fittings, Contrast LED is ideal for use on architectural features and decorative areas. It produces exciting lighting and coloured effects without wasteful...
  • iGuzzini UK: MaxiWoody urban space floodlight
    MaxiWoody urban space floodlight
    iGuzzini UK
    MaxiWoody is an external floodlight. New spill rings and a choice of multiple light sources can to satisfy the most diverse lighting requirements. MaxiWoody is suitable for lighting building facades, monuments, parks,...
  • Thorn Lighting: Champion asymmetric sports floodlighting
    Champion asymmetric sports floodlighting
    Thorn Lighting
    Champion is a perfect solution to floodlighting small sports stadia and general areas where the control of light pollution is critical. The adjustable stirrup provides a number of possible mounting positions. Installation...
  • Urbis Schréder: Terra recessed floodlights
    Terra recessed floodlights
    Urbis Schréder
    The Terra range of recessed floodlights may be fitted with lamps up to 150W. The extensive range of light distributions offers solutions for diverse scenic lighting applications, including the illumination of facades,...
  • DW Windsor: Kaskara high output LED floodlight
    Kaskara high output LED floodlight
    DW Windsor
    Kaskara floodlight has been specifically designed to bring the benefits of Chip on Board LED technology to area and general floodlighting applications. With unique indirect reflectors to provide performance asymmetric...
  • iGuzzini UK: MiniWoody LED wall mounted projector lights
    MiniWoody LED wall mounted projector lights
    iGuzzini UK
    The reduced dimensions of the MiniWoody projector allow it to be placed in a variety of settings with minimal visual impact. The projector uses innovative neutral colour temperature white LEDs. This highlights and...
  • Thorn Lighting: Qba LED floodlighting
    Qba LED floodlighting
    Thorn Lighting
    Engineered for long life, and highly energy efficient, Qba LED offers a choice of colours and controls that enables creative lighting schemes to be implemented quickly and easily. All Qba LED floodlights can easily be...
  • DW Windsor: Colada floodlight
    Colada floodlight
    DW Windsor
    The stylish Colada floodlight is manufactured in die cast aluminium. It is available with a wide range of optical controllers, including symmetric, asymmetric and narrow beam, to provide alternative lighting effects. The...