Street and amenity lights are used in external design schemes to provide ambient lighting for roads and highways, as well as public areas such as squares, pedestrian walkways, bridges and parks. Read More

Co-ordinated lighting suites featuring street lamps, wall lights and low-level lighting allow landscape architects and urban designers to use matching products in their designs.

The majority of street lighting is post mounted and in many cases the column can be specified independently of the luminaire.

High pressure sodium lights cast an orange glow, while newer metal halide lights give a strong, white light. LED is a commonly used in traffic signals and sign lights and is a developing technology for street lighting.

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Road / street / amenity lighting - helping you find the best solution for your project.

  • Candela Light: Biggar Lantern
    Biggar Lantern
    Candela Light
    The BIggar Lantern is a traditional light fitting, suitable for heritage applications. Robust and adoptable, this lantern accepts a range of optics for roadside and area applications. Available with a wide range of bracketry...
  • Candela Light: Highgate Lantern
    Highgate Lantern
    Candela Light
    The Highgate Lantern is a versatile robust light fitting, suitable for a wide range of applications: removable canopy for lamp and gear access; suitable for post top or bracket mount; can accomodate our range of optics to...
  • Candela Light: Eclisse modern luminaire
    Eclisse modern luminaire
    Candela Light
    The Eclisse is a modern, stylish low-profile lantern that combines an elegant profiles with a coherent set of brackets. Available in two sizes (Eclisse Major or Eclisse Midi), the Eclisse is supplied with a choice of optics...
  • Candela Light: Trafford heritage-style amenity lantern
    Trafford heritage-style amenity lantern
    Candela Light
    Trafford globes are robust, heritage-style lanterns made from cast aluminium with polycarbonate glazing. They are especially suitable for enhancing public spaces. They are available with a choice of reflectors, refractors...
  • Candela Light: Bi Top - indirect street lighting lantern
    Bi Top - indirect street lighting lantern
    Candela Light
    Bi Top is an indirect lighting system that provides glare-free light for contemporary street lighting schemes. IP66 rated. Cast aluminium body and spun aluminium reflector. Symmetrical or asymmetrical distribution patterns.
  • Acrospire Products Ltd: Aspire solar-powered lantern
    Aspire solar-powered lantern
    Acrospire Products Ltd
    Designed in Australia to meet the increasing demand for smart connected lighting infrastructure, the Aspire offers an environmentally-friendly, off-grid connected solar option where traditional lighting is impractical or...
  • Candela Light: Borough LED street lighting
    Borough LED street lighting
    Candela Light
    The Borough LED lantern has a very robust design and provides excellent street lighting performance: local Authority adoptable; various lens options to reduce light pollution and skyglow, while providing a variety of...
  • Candela Light: Blenheim Lantern
    Blenheim Lantern
    Candela Light
    The Blenheim Lantern is a versatile luminaire based around a cast aluminium chassis. Part of the Broadway family of lanterns: sealed optical compartment for ease of maintenance; various optics/reflector options to reduce...
  • Renewable On: X5 DUAL solar-powered street light
    X5 DUAL solar-powered street light
    Renewable On
    The X5 DUAL solar street light is suitable for locations with high-powered solar system requirements including large car parks, minor roads and public spaces: LED luminaire: 80-100W; monocrystallline solar module: 133-180...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Alcott Street Lighting
    Alcott Street Lighting
    Artform Urban Furniture
    The twelve foot tall Alcott pedestrian light is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional lamp post. Its gently curved posts terminate in a domed LED luminaire, sealed with a thermoformed lens. Concord features refined...
  • Public Spaces: DAE Escofet - Bali LED street light
    DAE Escofet - Bali LED street light
    Public Spaces
    The DAE Escofet - Bali LED street light is available from Public Spaces: conical-shaped base of painted cast iron - colour - Black Forge; cylindrical shaft of galvanised and painted steel - colour - Steel Grey; painted and...
  • Candela Light: Langley heritage-style luminaires
    Langley heritage-style luminaires
    Candela Light
    Langley luminaires are a variation on the classic teardrop-shaped, heritage-style lantern. They are available in a range of sizes to suit most mounting heights, and with a choice of reflectors for reducing light pollution...
  • Renewable On: X5 solar-powered street light
    X5 solar-powered street light
    Renewable On
    The X5 small-medium solar-powered street light is suitable for a range of applications including rural streets, car parks, construction sites, etc: integrated monocrystalline solar panel: 35-70Wp; efficient LED: 15-30W;...
  • All Urban: Soulary LED catenary light by LEC Lyon
    Soulary LED catenary light by LEC Lyon
    All Urban
    IP67 rated The Soulary LED light is a pendant luminaire for catenary systems, and has been specifically designed to illuminate public spaces. The cable-suspended spotlight sits perfectly within public realm spaces such as...
  • Candela Light: Campden traditional amenity lantern
    Campden traditional amenity lantern
    Candela Light
    Campden lanterns are traditional, six-sided units with cast aluminium base uprights and a spun aluminium brim. They have a strong, classic design. They are available with a choice of optics to meet lighting distribution...
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Road / street / amenity lighting- helping you find the best companies for your project.