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  • Chris Nangle Furniture: Type 2 heavy-duty hardwood rectangular planter
    Type 2 heavy-duty hardwood rectangular planter
    Chris Nangle Furniture
    Type 2 heavy-duty hardwood planters are durable will enhance and complement any environment. They are bespoke made to any size and shape, and are available in a wide variety of timbers and finish options including natural or...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Springwell timber planter
    Springwell timber planter
    Bailey Streetscene
    The Springwell range has a well-deserved reputation for being hardwearing, low maintenance and excellent value for money – and the Springwell planter is a great all-rounder to enhance outdoor spaces. Indeed. This...
  • Livingreen Design: Kensington planter in GRP
    Kensington planter in GRP
    Livingreen Design
    A classical yet modern design suitable for a range of applications in both urban and country settings. Available as cubes, tall towers, barriers and window boxes. Bespoke sizes available to order: simple, classic design;...
  • Omos: s57-  stainless steel tree planter
    s57- stainless steel tree planter
    The s57 consists of a 316 grade stainless steel planter on a galvanised plinth. The planter is available with or without seating. Seating is formed by hardwood laths on two sides of the planter, or by a bench around the top...
  • Taylor Made Planters: Banco polymer concrete planter
    Banco polymer concrete planter
    Taylor Made Planters
    Banco polymer concrete planters provide a robust option for public areas with a large footfall. They are extremely resistant to wear and tear, and are 100% watertight therefore extremely frost-resistant. Polymer concrete is...
  • Streetlife: Tone Tubs
    Tone Tubs
    The Tone Tubs from the Streetlife Tree Products Collection are tapered tree planters made of thick-walled aluminium. These elegant tree planters are finished with a double powder coating in one of three subtle colours: Dark...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Alfa-Beta-Gamma Planter
    Alfa-Beta-Gamma Planter
    Artform Urban Furniture
    The Alfa-Beta-Gamma Planter is an irregular shaped planter, made entirely out of steel sheet. The base is equipped with fixings to regulate its slant. Each planter can be accessorised with two stainless steel plates which...
  • Furnitubes International: RailRoad steel and timber planter
    RailRoad steel and timber planter
    Furnitubes International
    The contemporary RailRoad planter, an addition to the RailRoad seating range, is constructed in folded heavy section steel plate and finished in a polyester coated finish to make it rigid and durable. The range is...
  • Citysquared: Basic stainless steel and hardwood planter
    Basic stainless steel and hardwood planter
    The Basic contemporary planter is suitable for a wide variety of public realm applications. Available in a variety of standard and bespoke sizes, it is tough, attractive and easy to install. T he planter consist of a...
  • WoodBlocX: Drumbeg large tree planter and seating unit
    Drumbeg large tree planter and seating unit
    The Drumbeg large tree planter is part of the WoodBlocX street furniture range and is suitable for a variety of external locations including streetscapes, public parks and gardens. 3150 x 1650 x 850 mm; bespoke options...
  • Streetlife: Conical Tree Tubs
    Conical Tree Tubs
    The Conical Tree Tubs from the Streetlife Tree Products Collection have a warm appearance afforded by the CorTen steel. Ideal for realising large, mobile trees on multifunctional squares. Optionally, they can be finished in...
  • Streetlife: Giant Flowerpots
    Giant Flowerpots
    The Giant Flowerpots from the Streetlife Tree Products Collection are very large, conical tree planters with traditional stacking rim. Ideal for realising large urban trees that need to remain mobile. In addition to the...
  • Citysquared: Wideboy steel and hardwood planter seat
    Wideboy steel and hardwood planter seat
    The Wideboy planter seat, part of the Essentials range from Citysquared, is based on a steel frame with a powder-coated finish to the client's chosen colour. The seat allows users to sit on both sides, making it well suited...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Roosevelt Precast Concrete Planter
    Roosevelt Precast Concrete Planter
    Bailey Streetscene
    The Roosevelt Planter teams up brilliantly with the bench of the same name and is manufactured from standard grey precast concrete with an acid etch finish. Comprising of 8 units, this contemporary, attractive planter will...
  • GoPlastic: Milano - recycled plastic planter
    Milano - recycled plastic planter
    The Milano range of planters are constructed from solid recycled plastic profiles and come in a variety of dimensions: recycled plastic will not splinter; will not crack or rot; maintenance free. These durable planters are...