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  • Good Directions: Winchester GRP cupola
    Winchester GRP cupola
    Good Directions
    The Winchester cupola has square louvre-effect panels on all four sides, which can be fitted with clocks or real louvres for ventilation. Where the Winchester is to be used for ventilation purposes, powder-coated aluminium...
  • Good Directions: Elizabeth pillar clock
    Elizabeth pillar clock
    Good Directions
    Elizabeth is a shorter version of the double-sided Albert pillar clock. It can be manufactured in any of Good Directions' standard colours - black, blue, green or red. Alternatively it can be colour-matched to surrounding...
  • Good Directions: Floral clocks
    Floral clocks
    Good Directions
    Good Directions offers hands and mechanisms that are suitable for planted clock dials up to 5m in diameter. Manufactured to the highest specification for heavy duty outdoor use the mechanisms have stainless steel enclosures...
  • Good Directions: Outdoor pillar clocks
    Outdoor pillar clocks
    Good Directions
    Good Directions offers a range of standard pillar clock designs, and can manufacture bespoke clocks to suit clients' requirements. Each base / column is fabricated as a single-piece, cast metal unit for strength and...
  • Good Directions: George pillar clock
    George pillar clock
    Good Directions
    George pillar clocks are normally used as a four dialled feature. Each base / column is fabricated as a single piece cast metal unit for strength and durability. The clock housings are made in colour impregnated GRP. Each...
  • Good Directions: Cambridge GRP cupola
    Cambridge GRP cupola
    Good Directions
    The Cambridge cupola is an attractive tower that can be fitted with an authentic-looking brass-effect GRP bell and up to four clock dials. Four columns support a choice of roof styles in lead effect or verdigris copper...
  • Good Directions: Oxford GRP cupola
    Oxford GRP cupola
    Good Directions
    The Oxford cupola features arched louvre panels at the sides and is finished in an attractive wood grain for a timber effect that can be gloss painted. It is made from GRP - a lightweight, durable and low-maintenance...
  • Good Directions: Sarum GRP cupola
    Sarum GRP cupola
    Good Directions
    The Sarum GRP cupla has louvre effect sides and a smooth surface finish. It can also be produced to match a particular RAL or BS colour. Where a cupola is to be used for ventilation purposes, powder coated aluminium louvre...
  • Good Directions: Hexagonal cupola
    Hexagonal cupola
    Good Directions
    Good Directions hexagonal cupolas can be made to any design to suit customer requirements. Standard designs range from 500mm wide up to 4.2m. Manufactured in GRP with louvre effect sides the cupola comes in white as standard...
  • Good Directions: GRP decorative structures
    GRP decorative structures
    Good Directions
    Good Directions manufactures decorative structures such as clock towers, domes, spires, minarets, canopies and roof turrets. Structures are made in GRP to specific client designs and sizes. Typical applications include...
  • Good Directions: Bezel GRP / aluminium clocks
    Bezel GRP / aluminium clocks
    Good Directions
    Good Directions offers a range of bezel clock surrounds that enable a dial and mechanism to be surface mounted on any structure or wall. A standard set of GRP decorative profiles are available for dials up to 1500mm, as well...
  • Good Directions: Bespoke exterior clocks
    Bespoke exterior clocks
    Good Directions
    Good Directions designs and manufactures a range of clocks for external applications, which can be housed in standard cupolas, bezels, drums or pillar structures. Standard clocks can be matched to any BS or RAL colour, and...
  • Good Directions: Salisbury 900mm GRP roof turret
    Salisbury 900mm GRP roof turret
    Good Directions
    Salisbury is a 900mm GRP roof turret that has louvre effect sides. Its unique and attractive wood grain finish achieves a gloss painted timber effect. The cupola can also be produced to match a particular timber colour...
  • Good Directions: GRP drum clocks
    GRP drum clocks
    Good Directions
    Standard drum clock designs are manufactured in GRP, with bespoke options available in stainless steel or aluminium. Drums can be supplied with a bracket for projection off a wall or for hanging from a ceiling. Brackets are...
  • Good Directions: Octagonal cupola
    Octagonal cupola
    Good Directions
    Octagonal cupolas are manufactured in GRP as standard with louvre effect sides. Designs can be modified to suit customer requirements. To allow the roof turret to be secured to the pre-constructed and lead flashed ridge box,...