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  • eibe Play Ltd: Unique Sand Construction Site Kairo
    Unique Sand Construction Site Kairo
    eibe Play Ltd
    The construction site is great fun for any little builder; making models with water and sand is of great educational importance as it promotes imagination and creativity. The scope of delivery includes: 1 slide PH 110: GFRP...
  • Timberplay: Richter Spielgeräte Climbing Structure 08 play equipment
    Richter Spielgeräte Climbing Structure 08 play equipment
    Climbing Structure 08 is made from hand-processed irregular round logs. It can easily be integrated into a strongly nature-orientated environment due to its expressive yet natural character. Many children can play within a...
  • Timberplay: Tower combination 331
    Tower combination 331
    Tower combination with tower, ladder, balancing beam,climbing net, firemans pole, and slide. Components order no: 1 x 3.20600 square tower with roof 1 x 3.66005 support frame for suspension bridge 1 x 3.66090 3m suspension...
  • Jupiter Play: Dinamix Multiplay Combo DX202M
    Dinamix Multiplay Combo DX202M
    Jupiter Play
    This product offers a range of methods of play to children, and can have up to 14 children enjoying the equipment at once. Made from galvanised steel using top quality ropes; materials and shapes that extend the urban...
  • Wicksteed Playgrounds: Playtime Goosie Gander multiplay unit
    Playtime Goosie Gander multiplay unit
    Wicksteed Playgrounds
    This stylish, eye-catching two-level modular play system takes inspiration from classic childhood chants and reference. With loads of intriguing play features and colourful, rounded designs, Playtime presents a wide range of...
  • eibe Play Ltd: Unique Butterfly spring rocker
    Unique Butterfly spring rocker
    eibe Play Ltd
    The Unique Butterfly rocker is a traditional sit on rocker with a large colourful seat. The bright antenna act as handles and a footrest ensuring the children cannot fall off as they rock back and forth on the single spring...
  • eibe Play Ltd: eibe playo play unit Great Tit
    eibe playo play unit Great Tit
    eibe Play Ltd
    Product features: Slide PH: 145 cm: GFRP Set of posts with post bases: SW, hot-dip galvanised steel Set of platforms: SW Set of ascent ladders: SW Arched roof with dormer window: SW three-layer boards Themed posts Lantern:...
  • Timberplay: Tower Combination 185
    Tower Combination 185
    Tower combination with chain path, platform hut, bench, climbing trunk and slide. Components order no: 1 x 3.20500 square tower 1 x 3.66240 fastening frame for chain path 1 x 3.66260 3m chain path with safety board 1 x...
  • Proludic: J2579 Ixo Multiplay Unit
    J2579 Ixo Multiplay Unit
    New to 2016, Proludic have added some new variations to the already popular and iconic Ixo multiplay range. This version includes a metal mesh climbing tunnel, adding additional challenge. Available in both timber and metal...
  • Jupiter Play: Pendulum Swing 904622100R
    Pendulum Swing 904622100R
    Jupiter Play
    The Pendulum Swing from FHS Holtztechnik creates an exciting focal point for any play space. The multi-directional swinging and spinning movement can be enjoyed by children with a wide range of abilities. This unit can come...
  • Sovereign Design Play Systems: Captain Mannering adventure tower
    Captain Mannering adventure tower
    Sovereign Design Play Systems
    The Captain Mannering is a large, wooden play adventure tower incorporating a wide selection of imaginative and adventurous play activities. Designed with four roofed tower units connected by a bridge, the Captain Mannering...
  • eibe Play Ltd: eibe Windsurfer wobble
    eibe Windsurfer wobble
    eibe Play Ltd
    Item code: 5672580
  • eibe Play Ltd: Playo play unit Max, Solo
    Playo play unit Max, Solo
    eibe Play Ltd
    47x post construction: SW 47x post shoe: galvanised steel 17x platform construction: SW 13x adapter: SW 4x aqua path: HPL, SW 1x aqua-basin: HPL, SW, mud tray plastic 12x wall panel: HPL 7x walk-through protection leaf:...
  • Safe & Sound Playgrounds: Timber Swings Junior and Infant
    Timber Swings Junior and Infant
    Safe & Sound Playgrounds
    We offer a wide range of timber swings so please get in touch if you are looking for something specific. This is our most popular timber swing frame featuring two junior flat seats and two cradle seats for infant use. We...
  • Proludic: Traditional flat swings (J478)
    Traditional flat swings (J478)
    J478 flat swings have a traditional, timeless design. The frame is made from galvanised steel and has a two-tone grey finish. It is strong, durable and easy to maintain. The swing chains have an anti-wrap mechanism to deter...