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  • Furnitubes International: CAP 100 Capital cast iron bollard
    Furnitubes International: TRL700 SS  Transport bollard
    Furnitubes International: Epping 200/1500 square timber bollard with groove
    Furnitubes International: BER 507 Beresford cast iron bollard
    Furnitubes International: Transport polyurethane bollard
    Furnitubes International: Aberdeen recycled plastic bollard

    Furnitubes International

    Furnitubes International provides a comprehensive street furniture service: from design and development through to manufacture and supply. The company began in 1946 as a small, family business, honouring traditional methods of production and meticulously finishing every product by hand. It gradually grew and today offers an extensive range of...
    Meridian House, Royal Hill, Greenwich, London, SE10 8RD
    Phone: 020 8378 3261  Fax: 020 8378 3250  Visit website
  • AUTOPA Limited: EB100 Steel Core Bollards
    AUTOPA Limited: GFC 2R Ornamental Bollard
    AUTOPA Limited: EB400 Steel Core Bollard
    AUTOPA Limited: EB300 Steel Core Bollards
    AUTOPA Limited: Delaval Polyurethane Bollard
    AUTOPA Limited: Redroute Polyurethane Bollard

    AUTOPA Limited

    AUTOPA Limited is a leading UK based manufacturer of car and cycle parking solutions. Since patenting the original Parking Post in 1959 we have worked to continually improve the street scene in the UK. Our extensive product range is separated into three brands: AUTOPA, VELOPA and AUTOPA open spaces. The AUTOPA brand specialises in products that...
    Cottage Leap, Rugby, CV21 3XP
    Phone: 01788 550556  Fax: 01788 550265  Visit website
  • Bailey Streetscene: Square Flat Top Stainless Steel Bollard
    Bailey Streetscene: Stainless Steel Bollard with Sep Cap
    Bailey Streetscene: Wolstanton Standard Polyurethane Bollard
    Bailey Streetscene: Islington Polyurethane Bollard
    Bailey Streetscene: Harrow Polyurethane Bollard
    Bailey Streetscene: London Concrete Bollard

    Bailey Streetscene

    Bailey Streetscene designs, manufactures and installs high quality external furniture. We service a broad cross section of markets, including: education, commercial and retail, new build and regeneration projects, local authorities and the Ministry of Defence. Our strength lies with our ability to work with architects, specifiers and contractors...
    Adlington Business Park, London Road, Adlington, SK10 4NL
    Phone: 01625 855900  Visit website
  • Marshalls - street furniture: Geo bollard
    Marshalls - street furniture: RS150 stainless steel bollard
    Marshalls - street furniture: Belinda polyurethane bollard
    Marshalls - street furniture: Billy polyurethane bollard
    Marshalls - street furniture: City polyurethane bollard
    Marshalls - street furniture: Giant Pencil polyurethane bollard

    Marshalls - street furniture

    STREET FURNITURE - LIGHTING... Marshalls PLC is a specialist in the design, manufacture and sourcing of high quality and innovative street furniture and architectural exterior lighting. Marshalls street furniture includes benches, litter bins, bollards, tree protection, planters, signage and structures. These elements combine to offer fully...
    Landscape House, Premier Way, Lowfields Business Park, Elland, HX5 9HT
    Phone: 0370 990 7504  Visit website
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Northshore Innovation Centre
    Artform Urban Furniture: Magic Bollard
    Artform Urban Furniture: Pencil Bollard
    Artform Urban Furniture: Spring D Concrete Bollard
    Artform Urban Furniture: Matching bollards and litter bins - Stephenson Quarter
    Artform Urban Furniture: Moka Steel Bollard

    Artform Urban Furniture

    Artform Urban Furniture is at the cutting edge of integrated landscape design and our mission is to supply the world’s most aspirational and design-led street furniture products, to assist landscape architects, designers and specifiers bring their visions to life. Using our exclusive UK partnerships with leading manufacturers and design studios on...
    Adlington Business Park, London Road, Adlington, SK10 4NL
    Phone: 01625 877554  Visit website
  • URBASTYLE®: Concrete products–holocaust memorial museum,Mechelen(B)
    URBASTYLE®: Paperboat architectural cast stone bollard
    URBASTYLE®: Chunk bollard
    URBASTYLE®: Semi cast stone bollard
    URBASTYLE®: Hanso bollard
    URBASTYLE®: Bollo bollard


    UrbaStyle designs and manufactures street furniture and paving. Urbastyle is committed to continuous improvement, developing new ideas, innovations, designs, technologies, processes and machines to serve clients throughout Europe. The company was founded in 1985 as URBADAL in Aalter, near Gent in Belgium. The UrbaStyle brand was created in 2001...
    Parc Industriel de Tournai Ouest 2-16, Rue des Sablières, Tournai, 7503, Belgium
    Phone: 00 32 69 67 2626  Fax: 00 32 69 67 2627  Visit website
  • Langley Design: Langley Bollard LBD100
    Langley Design: Malford Bollard MBD200
    Langley Design: Malford Bollard MBD201
    Langley Design: Malford Bollard MBD202
    Langley Design: Malford Bollard MBD203
    Langley Design: Malford Bollard MBD205

    Langley Design

    Langley Design are skilled and experienced providers of street furniture. Specialists in the education sector and expert providers to all other sectors of the built environment. Quality street furniture products manufactured to order with a comprehensive range and the skills to match your specific design aspirations at competitive prices. Over the...
    Unit L (Gate 1), Chelworth Industrial Estate, Cricklade, Swindon, SN6 6HE
    Phone: 01793 759461  Fax: 01793 759642  Visit website
  • Frontier Pitts: HVM roadblockers and bollards for National Rail
    Frontier Pitts: PAS 68 Single Shallow Terra Neptune Bollard - 7.5t@40mph
    Frontier Pitts: PAS 68 Terra Jupiter static bollard - 7.5t @ 50mph
    Frontier Pitts: PAS 68 Terra Neptune static bollard - 7.5t @ 40mph
    Frontier Pitts: PAS 68 Terra Mars Bollard - 7.5t@40mph
    Frontier Pitts: PAS68 Shallow Mount Static Terra Mars Bollard 7.5t@40mph

    Frontier Pitts

    Frontier Pitts is an acknowledged leader in perimeter security equipment. The company's products are all British-made and, with 20% of production exported, it currently has equipment installed in more than 91 countries worldwide. From the UK headquarters in Crawley, Frontier Pitts provides a complete range of services including design, site...
    Crompton House, Crompton Way, Manor Royal Industrial Estate, Crawley, RH10 9QZ
    Phone: 01293 548301  Fax: 01293 560650  Visit website
  • Benkert Street Furniture: Benkert C100 stainless steel bollard
    Benkert Street Furniture: Benkert C200 stainless steel bollard
    Benkert Street Furniture: Benkert C300 stainless steel bollard
    Benkert Street Furniture: Benkert C400 stainless steel bollard
    Benkert Street Furniture: Benkert C500 stainless steel bollard
    Benkert Street Furniture: Benkert C700 stainless steel bollard

    Benkert Street Furniture

    Benkert Street Furniture creates sustainable designs for public spaces. The company uses street furniture to express aesthetic sensitivity for rest areas in busy urban settings. The product range includes: benches; litter bins; cycle stands; bollards....
    Unit 1A, Southern Cross Business Park, Bray, Republic of Ireland
    Phone: 0808 101 1590  Visit website
  • Woodscape: Dragon Tooth hardwood timber bollard
    Woodscape: Splay hardwood timber bollard
    Woodscape: Square profile hardwood bollards
    Woodscape: Round profile hardwood bollard


    Woodscape has been creating beautiful hardwood street furniture for some of the UK’s most vibrant public spaces for over 30 years. It is a privately-owned family business founded upon the guiding principles of designing and manufacturing hardwood furniture of only the highest quality. We remain firmly committed to this goal and are now widely...
    1 Sett End Road West, Shadsworth Business Park, Blackburn, BB1 2QJ
    Phone: 01254 685185  Fax: 01254 671237  Visit website
  • All Urban: Santa & Cole Tactil marker
    All Urban: Santa & Cole Finisterre marker
    All Urban: Santa & Cole Sammy marker

    All Urban

    All Urban is the exclusive UK supplier for Santa & Cole, award-winning suppliers of street furniture and outdoor lighting. Situated near Barcelona, world-renowned Santa & Cole represent the highest standards of urban street design and have worked on many significant developments across Europe. Working with lighting designers, landscape architects...
    Aizlewood's Mill, Nursery Street, Sheffield, S3 8GG
    Phone: 0114 282 1283  Fax: 0114 282 3463  Visit website
  • M & G Olympic Products: OLY 5001 stainless steel bollard
    M & G Olympic Products: OLY 5006 stainless steel bollard
    M & G Olympic Products: OLY 5010 stainless steel bollard

    M & G Olympic Products

    M & G Olympic Products is a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of custom built architectural metalwork including: staircases, balustrades, handrails, balconies and canopies; swimming pool fittings; sanitary and hospital equipment; catering and purpose-made fabrications; stainless steel street furniture. All products are manufactured at a...
    109-111 Randall Street, Sheffield, S2 4SJ
    Phone: 0114 275 6009  Fax: 0114 273 9350  Visit website
  • Omos: s23 stainless steel bollard with radially polished cap
    Omos: s26 steel bollard with radially polished stainless cap
    Omos: s87 painted galvanised steel bollard


    Leading the way in street furniture design and innovation, Omos manufactures a comprehensive range of contemporary products including litter bins, recycling bins, benches, seats, tree planters and grilles, bollards, ashtrays, picnic sets, cycle stands and shelters. Omos has been designing and manufacturing street furniture since 1996. Our products...
    Unit 1-3, Military Road Industrial Park, Naas, W91 TX28, Republic of Ireland
    Phone: 00 353 4589 9802  Fax: 00 353 4589 9803  Visit website
  • Public Spaces: Mago - Esfera
    Public Spaces: Mago - Garcilaso
    Public Spaces: Mago - UFO

    Public Spaces

    Public Spaces designs, manufactures and distributes contemporary street furniture. Public Spaces is an Irish company the organisation's aim is to bring the most innovative designs and concepts in urban furniture to the attention of those who can dictate the way our highways and green areas will look in the future. As well as working with Europe's...
    1A Southern Cross Business Park, Bray, Republic of Ireland
    Phone: 0808 101 1590  Visit website
  • GoPlastic: Square recycled plastic bollards with diamond top
    GoPlastic: Dome top recycled plastic bollards


    Formed in 1999, GoPlastic specialises in the distribution of Govaplast® - 100% recycled plastic (polypropylene and polyethylene) profiles. Profiles are used in the construction of stabling, walkways, fencing, boardwalks and jetties. GoPlastic also uses the profiles to produce street furniture products, including seating, planters, litter bins and...
    40 St Martins Road, Caerphilly, CF83 1EJ
    Phone: 029 2086 4095  Visit website