Low level lighting products on EXTERNAL WORKS. Helping you find the best product for your project.
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  • HTB LED Sign-Lite
    Haldo Developments
    The HTB LED Sign-Lite has a Photo Electric Cell (PEC) to save energy and reduce its environmental impact. It consumes only 26W of power to illuminate sign faces from 900mm in diameter or up to 1200x1200mm in area. A low...
  • HTA LED Sign-Lite
    Haldo Developments
    Haldo introduces its new Type A LED compact sign light. HTA LED Sign-Lite reduces the impact on our environment with its advanced power-saving LED light tray. HTA LED Sign-Lite consumes less than 10 watts of power to...
  • HiloSpot 240V up and down copper wall light
    Lumena Lights
    The Hilospot outdoor twin spotlight is a combined up and down outdoor wall light in one unit. It is designed to accommodate 2 x GU10 lamps (240v). The lighting effect from the Hilospot is a combination of direct and...
  • Mag 7 Sign-lite
    Haldo Developments
    The Mag 7 Sign-lite is illuminated by twin, linear compact fluorescent lamps, which consume less than 10W of power to illuminate a 600mm diameter sign face. It has a contemporary design and is manufactured from LM6...