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  • Artform Urban Furniture: Ashbery Pedestrian Light
    Ashbery Pedestrian Light
    Artform Urban Furniture
    Ashbery is a trio of lights that brings together advanced LED technology and optics, paying homage to traditional-style lights. The range has been created in collaboration with Robert A.M. Stern Architects, celebrated...
  • Candela Light: Fleet LED street lighting lantern and car park luminaire
    Fleet LED street lighting lantern and car park luminaire
    Candela Light
    Fleet is a very modern and durable LED lantern that complements contemporary architecture and modern developments: cast aluminium chassis; hinged gear compartment; IP66 sealed optic area; lens options reduce light light...
  • Renewable On: X3 solar-powered portable LED light
    X3 solar-powered portable LED light
    Renewable On
    The X3 solar LED light is a solar lighting system for home users with excellent portability and very simple installation. Suitable for private gardens, backyards, exit passageways and camp lighting: monocrystalline solar...
  • Public Spaces: Escofet Ful lighting column
    Escofet Ful lighting column
    Public Spaces
    Ful street lights were initially designed in 1998 by architects Jaume Artigues and Pere Cabrera for a lighting project along the Raval watercourse. Escofet first produced the initial series, Ful-12, Ful-10 and Ful-9 in 2001,...
  • Candela Light: Festival Lantern
    Festival Lantern
    Candela Light
    The Festival Lantern is a traditional luminaire suitable for heritage applications: cast aluminium base and canopy; opal acrylic glazing tube; suitable for post top and bracket mounting; available with fluorescent strip...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Torres Area Light
    Torres Area Light
    Artform Urban Furniture
    Torres lights are a beautiful complement to urban landscapes, plus traditional and contemporary architecture, improving, but not altering, the composition. The advanced LED array and optic design provides warm white light...
  • All Urban: Slope street light by Santa & Cole Urbidermis
    Slope street light by Santa & Cole Urbidermis
    All Urban
    Sam Hecht and Kim Colin designed the SLOPE luminaire drawing a gentle profile with a subtle angle of just nine degrees that avoids lighting contamination and glaring. Such as the slopes of a hill or a street, typical form in...
  • Public Spaces: Escofet - Bali street light
    Escofet - Bali street light
    Public Spaces
    The Bali street lamp has a more neutral, abstract shape, resulting from the combination of a column and a lamp holder with the same prismatic cross section of 200x100mm. It has a single, double and symmetrical step...
  • Candela Light: Toorak carpark, amenity and street luminaire
    Toorak carpark, amenity and street luminaire
    Candela Light
    Toorak luminaires are a modern interpretation of a classic design, suitable for amenity and street lighting applications. They are available in a range of sizes to suit most mounting heights, and with a choice of optics for...
  • Candela Light: Biggar Lantern
    Biggar Lantern
    Candela Light
    The BIggar Lantern is a traditional light fitting, suitable for heritage applications. Robust and adoptable, this lantern accepts a range of optics for roadside and area applications. Available with a wide range of bracketry...
  • Marshalls - landscape protection: Geo Oval LED luminaire
    Geo Oval LED luminaire
    Marshalls - landscape protection
    The Geo Oval LED luminaire provides excellent photometric attainment, light distribution and flexibility of application from a striking aesthetic. Featuring an ultra low-profile aluminium body and silver anodised finish the...
  • Candela Light: Vale modern carpark, street and amenity luminaire
    Vale modern carpark, street and amenity luminaire
    Candela Light
    Vale luminaires are modern, functional, robust lanterns, available with complementary brackets. They are supplied with a choice of optics for reducing light pollution and sky-glow, while providing a various light...
  • Candela Light: Fradley Lantern
    Fradley Lantern
    Candela Light
    The Fradley Lantern is a modern, compact luminaire. The design makes for a very robust fitting, suitable for use in a wide range of applications: easy Fit adaptor for ease of installation; a range of optics help minimise...
  • Renewable On: EnGo 6 solar-powered street light for pathways and parks
    EnGo 6 solar-powered street light for pathways and parks
    Renewable On
    EnGo 6 solar-powered street lighting features a 40W LED luminaire. It is suitable for a range of applications including parks, pathways and public spaces. It can be connected to a WiFi internet connection to allow remote...
  • Candela Light: Borough LED street lighting
    Borough LED street lighting
    Candela Light
    The Borough LED lantern has a very robust design and provides excellent street lighting performance: local Authority adoptable; various lens options to reduce light pollution and skyglow, while providing a variety of...