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  • RPR impresses growing fans at Livingston FC
    20 March 2013 - Barenbrug UK
    A new pitch at a Scottish First Division football club has been attracting a growing army of fans over the past few months due to the quality of the playing surface. Management and playing staff at Livingston FC have been...
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  • New grass seed thrives in extreme conditions
    07 February 2013 - Barenbrug UK
    The head groundsman of an educational establishment with sports fields on the exposed coastline of the Isle of Man has praised a new Barenbrug grass product for creating top class playing surfaces that stand up to extreme...
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  • Watch our video guide to improving unproductive swards
    18 January 2013 - Barenbrug UK
    Last summer was a washout for farmers from across the UK and Ireland, with many starting 2013 with unhealthy, damaged and unproductive grassland. But to help farmers improve and prepare their swards for this year's growing...
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  • Ballybunion Links golf trial - the results!
    17 January 2013 - Barenbrug UK
    The results of our STRI golf green trials yield exciting results. Download the summary for more details.
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  • BAR Range 2013 set to impress
    16 January 2013 - Barenbrug UK
    The Barenbrug BAR Range for 2013 features new and improved mixtures, and top-performing cultivars. Full details of the latest launches and developments are all packed into the newly available BAR Range 2013 sports and amenity...
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  • War Graves in France benefit from revolutionary turf
    27 April 2012 - Rolawn
    When an order was received for delivery to co-ordinates 50°02'45.30" North 1°21'54.41" East Rolawn knew it was for somewhere out of the ordinary and they were right. The order was from the France area Commonwealth War Graves...
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