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  • DCM Surfaces: Artificial grass sports surfacing
    Artificial grass sports surfacing
    DCM Surfaces
    Artificial grass sports surfacing from DCM gives a consistent, high level of performance that is required by world sorting bodies. Laid on a rubber shock pad to reduce the likelihood of player injury, artificial sports grass...
  • Schoolscapes: Polymeric Sports Surface
    Polymeric Sports Surface
    Our Polymeric sports surface is very commonly used for multi-use games areas because it has many advantages with regards to slip resistance and playing characteristics equaling met. Polymeric sports surfacing is often...
  • Schoolscapes: 3G Sports Surface
    3G Sports Surface
    3G Sports Surface or Third Generation Artificial Turf. The pile height selected for a 3G surface depends on the sport(s) to be played on the pitch. Generally, 3G rugby pitches will be played on a surface with a greater pile...
  • TVS Sports Surfaces: SPORTEC Uni-Versa MUGA surfacing
    SPORTEC Uni-Versa MUGA surfacing
    TVS Sports Surfaces
    SPORTEC® UNI Versa is a durable flooring suitable for various types of applications. It is the ideal surface for multi-purpose sports areas due to its high resilience and excellent durability against mechanical impact. It...
  • TVS Play Surfaces: EUROFLEX® Sports Pavement Slabs
    EUROFLEX® Sports Pavement Slabs
    TVS Play Surfaces
    EUROFLEX® Sports Pavement Slabs provide a surfacing system for football, basketball, street hockey, volleyball and generation-spanning activity parks. The slabs are highly compacted during manufacture, giving them excellent...
  • DCM Surfaces: Polymeric sports surfacing for MUGAs
    Polymeric sports surfacing for MUGAs
    DCM Surfaces
    A polymeric surface is a rubber surface, similar to wet pour, but adapted for use as an all-weather sports surface. The rubber is thinner and firmer underfoot and coated with an anti-slip coating, making it ideal for a...
  • Schoolscapes: Sprint Track
    Sprint Track
    Our sports range offers multiple opportunities for children to train and boost their fitness. Helping children have a healthy and active lifestyle is important, as well as some healthy competition. The Sprint Track provides...
  • DCM Surfaces: Daily mile tracks for schools and children's play areas
    Daily mile tracks for schools and children's play areas
    DCM Surfaces
    The Daily Mile Track is a UK-wide initiative which encourages children to run, jog or walk for 15 minutes each day during school hours. Daily Mile Tracks can be made by creating a route into an existing playground. However,...
  • Sportsmark™ Group: Long jump sandpit construction
    Long jump sandpit construction
    Sportsmark™ Group
    Long jump sandpits are constructed from high density polyethylene 'soft' kerbing. They are haunched and bedded in concrete. Pits have a geotextile liner and are filled with washed white sand. Overall size 9m long x 3m wide x...
  • Active Leisure Contracts: Bowling green ditch channels
    Bowling green ditch channels
    Active Leisure Contracts
    Bowling green ditch channels are made from concrete or glass reinforced cement (GRC). There are five ditch channels to choose from: County Concrete, County GRC, County AG, Club Concrete and Club GRC. County Concrete channels...
  • Sportsmark™ Group: Cricket wickets
    Cricket wickets
    Sportsmark™ Group
    Sportsmark offers a range of options for cricket wickets on both a supply only and a supply and install basis. New wickets are generally built on the dynamic base system with shock pad. Wicket materials range from simple...
  • Active Leisure Contracts: 3G artificial sports pitches
    3G artificial sports pitches
    Active Leisure Contracts
    The 3G artificial sports surface is filled with a combination of sand and rubber. It provides natural, turf-like playing conditions, and accommodates play with studded footwear. Soft polyethylene fibres minimise the risk of...
  • Active Leisure Contracts: Sand-dressed hockey pitches
    Sand-dressed hockey pitches
    Active Leisure Contracts
    Active Leisure Contracts offers sand-dressed hockey pitch surfaces for top level or multi-sport play. Sand-dressed surfaces are more economical to install and maintain and are better for multi-use pitches with hockey as a...
  • Blakedown Sport & Play: Athletics 365 SW surface
    Athletics 365 SW surface
    Blakedown Sport & Play
    Athletics 365 SW is a non-porous surfacing system. It meets the IAAF standards and is designed for up to 100,000 users per year. Athletics 365 SW is built on an engineered foundation. Polyurethane-bound rubber granules form...
  • Notts Sport Ltd: Synthetic hockey pitch surfacing
    Synthetic hockey pitch surfacing
    Notts Sport Ltd
    Notts Sport provides top-flight hockey facilities for school, club or community use. Designs provide exceptional performance for all standards of competitive hockey, as well as coaching and training. Notts Sport is the only...