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  • Streetlife: Rough&Ready 6 Benches
    Rough&Ready 6 Benches
    The Rough&Ready 6 Benches from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection are sturdy and robust. The benches' supports are open and have a rectangular shape. The Rough&Ready 6 Benches can be linked together endlessly to...
  • All Urban: Stone + planted seating stone by Concrete Rudolph
    Stone + planted seating stone by Concrete Rudolph
    All Urban
    The cooperation with designers Eva Rudolph who is uses her design process to blur the boundaries between architecture and design. This creates spatial solutions in which a clear harmony connects the exterior and interior.
  • Streetlife: Rough&Ready Carré Benches
    Rough&Ready Carré Benches
    Rough&Ready Carré Benches are robust. They are square benches with a square hole to accommodate a tree. The FSC hardwood beams (7x15 cm) are integrated with a CorTen steel structure and attached by means of the Streetlock®...
  • Omos: Amop AR PURO Individual Chair in UHPC
    Amop AR PURO Individual Chair in UHPC
    The AR PURO Individual Chair from Amop is manufactured from Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC).
  • Furnitubes International: Contor wall-top seating
    Contor wall-top seating
    Furnitubes International
    The Contor Wall-top seating is characterised by its short front-to-back slats and low profile upstand off the wall top. The quaint wall-top seating is offered as a simple flat platform with the option of a single central...
  • Furnitubes International: Seville Steel Bench
    Seville Steel Bench
    Furnitubes International
    The Seville four person bench is a robust all-steel construction designed for use in locations such as stations and public squares. The bench is supplied in a two-tone colour scheme as standard, the neutraility of which...
  • URBASTYLE®: K-02 architectural seat
    K-02 architectural seat
    The K-02 architectural seat is manufactured from cast stone. design by: Sophie Boonman (NL) Size & Weight: 35/30/45cm - 71kg Anchoring: 1 shelf M12 Finishing & Colors: micro etched; polished; velvet.
  • Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF Modernist granite bench
    ASF Modernist granite bench
    Architectural Street Furnishings
    ASF offers the Modernist granite bench which can be retrofitted with steel and stainless steel fixings to reinforce its practicality and architectural appeal. It is available in a range of granite colours and polish...
  • Chris Nangle Furniture: Fold Back bench
    Fold Back bench
    Chris Nangle Furniture
    Fold Back offers a contemporary and extremely durable seating option for a wide variety of public spaces. The generous timber sections are tapered for comfort and water run off whilst the angled backrest offers support. The...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Holgate Picnic Table
    Holgate Picnic Table
    Bailey Streetscene
    The Holgate Picnic Set is part of the Holgate street furniture range and helps to create an attractive outdoor space – ideally suited to public parks and educational establishments, although it can be used in a variety of...
  • Environmental Street Furniture: Miela cast aluminium park bench with wooden slats
    Miela cast aluminium park bench with wooden slats
    Environmental Street Furniture
    The Miela park bench has a cast aluminium frame with solid timber slats with a curved water-shedding profile. Contemporary in styling, it will is designed for both traditional and contemporary environments. Single park...
  • Factory Furniture: Quay seat and bench
    Quay seat and bench
    Factory Furniture
    The Quay seat and bench are part of a range of public furniture offered by Factory Furniture. The heavy set, contemporary design is just as robust as it looks – perfect for today’s demanding public environment. The bench...
  • Furnitubes International: Lambeth - cast iron seat with iroko or plastic slats
    Lambeth - cast iron seat with iroko or plastic slats
    Furnitubes International
    The popular Lambeth seat has been designed to offer a wide range of seating configurations. In particular, there are many arm arrangement options, all from a standard 3 person 1800mm long seat, with the 2- and 3-arm...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Catena Chair
    Catena Chair
    Artform Urban Furniture
    While offering graceful details and timeless design to complement a variety of settings the Catena is engineered to handle active, exterior use with long-lasting style. Its aluminium and stainless steel combination make it...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Deacon Cube seat
    Deacon Cube seat
    Bailey Streetscene
    The Deacon Cube, part of the Deacon Range, is a solid and simplistic design that is suited for most urban environments, in particular educational and health institutes. It features a steel frame clad in treated hardwood...