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  • Bailey Streetscene: Orion Stainless Steel Seating
    Orion Stainless Steel Seating
    Bailey Streetscene
    The Orion stainless steel seat is constructed from grade 304 or 316 stainless steel for more aggressive environments such as industrial or coastal areas in a brushed satin finish. The Orion stainless steel seat is an elegant...
  • Woodscape: Ela polished granite and hardwood seat
    Ela polished granite and hardwood seat
    Woodscape's Ela free-standing seats and benches are made from pre-cast reinforced waterproof polished granite with a white concrete seat and matte stainless steel framework. 110 x 35mm hardwood slats have a natural colour...
  • Public Spaces: DAE Escofet - Popular Seat
    DAE Escofet - Popular Seat
    Public Spaces
    The contemporary DAE - Popular Seat is manufactured from stainless steel and can be retrofitted to a stone base. It is suitable for providing seating in a number of locations, from schools to public parks. A wall-mounted...
  • All Urban: Santa & Cole Boston bench
    Santa & Cole Boston bench
    All Urban
    The Boston bench was designed in the United States in the early 80s. The great variety of climatic zones in the US influenced its design: it can withstand intense cold as well as sweltering heat. It comes in three sizes...
  • GoPlastic: Oslo picnic table
    Oslo picnic table
    Ths Oslo picnic table is designed for use in parks and open spaces. It is constructed from solid recycled plastic profiles, reinforced underneath with a countersunk galvanised steel profile. Available in three sizes:...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Chill Seat
    Chill Seat
    Artform Urban Furniture
    The 35 Collection is the next generation of outdoor furniture for the way we live, work, learn and play. The Chill seat is a chaise lounge for commercial outdoor environments which celebrates the spirit of the collection and...
  • Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF 505 Recycled Cast Iron and Timber Seat
    ASF 505 Recycled Cast Iron and Timber Seat
    Architectural Street Furnishings
    Manufactured from 100% recycled materials in our own foundry. Timbers from FSC certified or non-endangered non-tropical hardwood from managed sources
  • Factory Furniture: NORTH picnic table
    NORTH picnic table
    Factory Furniture
    The NORTH picnic table breaks away from the traditional picnic table design. Its modern styling is the perfect fit for any contemporary outdoor eating area. It is built to last using sturdy FSC® softwood or Hardwood and a...
  • Chris Nangle Furniture: Natural FSC green oak picnic set with wheelchair access
    Natural FSC green oak picnic set with wheelchair access
    Chris Nangle Furniture
    Natural green oak picnic sets are ideal for use in proejcts that require eco-friendly landscape furniture, such as parks or play areas. They have a simple, natural style with a robust, vandal-proof construction. Constructed...
  • Logic Street & Park Furniture: Ullswater Straight Seat
    Ullswater Straight Seat
    Logic Street & Park Furniture
    Ullswater Straight Seat FSC / EUTR Very Durable Opepe Hardwood Timber, Natural Finish, Pencil Round Edges Surface Fixed. Product Code: 1.52024 - 1950mm (L) x 575mm (W) x 830mm (H) Surface Fix 1.52025 - 1950mm (L) x 575mm (W)...
  • Barlow Tyrie: London teak seating
    London teak seating
    Barlow Tyrie
    The London seat and London armchair are made to a traditional design. The bench seat comes int two lengths: 1610mm or 1910mm: heavier weight seating; FSC certified teak; traditional design; wide flat arm - ideal for resting...
  • Benchmark Design: Exeter EX003 seat
    Exeter EX003 seat
    Benchmark Design
    Our Exeter Seat can be straight, angled or curved to any radius, meeting your dimension requirements. The standard slats are Iroko hardwood, but alternatives (e.g recycled plastic) are also available. The discreet legs can...
  • URBASTYLE®: Seaside cast stone bench
    Seaside cast stone bench
    The Seaside bench is manufactured in cast stone. Size & Weight: - 180/100/41-84cm - 1936kg - 70/100/41-84cm - 753kg Anchoring: 4 shelves M12 Finishing & Colors: fair faced; micro etched; polished; velvet.
  • URBASTYLE®: Ouvertura architectural cast stone bench
    Ouvertura architectural cast stone bench
    The Ouvertura bench is manufactured in cast stone. Size & Weight: 150/150/55cm - 1620kg Anchoring: 4 shelves M2 Finishing: micro etched; polished; velvet.
  • Streetlife: Solid Podium Discs
    Solid Podium Discs
    The Solid Podium Discs are circular platforms that serve as playful seating elements. The Discs feature a Solid slatted structure in multi-coloured FSC® hardwood with a red-brown colour. The sturdy edge is created from short...