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  • Shelley Signs: Sand-blasted timber signs
    Sand-blasted timber signs
    Shelley Signs
    Sand-blasted timber signs can be used to create tactile graphics for both fully and partially sighted users. The raised and painted graphics are striking and distinctive. Sand-blasted signs do not need to be restrained...
  • Trueform: Fingerpost directional signs
    Fingerpost directional signs
    Trueform designs and manufactures a range of bespoke fingerpost directional signs from stainless steel, steel, aluminum, or vitreous enamel. Fingerposts can be supplied for root fixing or mounting on existing lamp post...
  • Marshalls - street furniture: Coda signage monolith
    Coda signage monolith
    Marshalls - street furniture
    We believe in creating signs that enhance the experience of all users within the public realm. As such, the Coda monolith can be customised to perform any people movement or information delivery task your project requires,...
  • Greenbarnes: Information and interpretation panels
    Information and interpretation panels
    Greenbarnes manufactures a range of durable information panels for the display of maps and other interpretative material. Digitally-printed displays can be encapsulated in a protective layer of GRP, and can be either...
  • Landmark: Stockholm metal noticecase
    Stockholm metal noticecase
    The Stockholm metal noticecase comes in a range of sizes, finishes and mounting options: aluminium frame with steel backboard, with aluminium posts where required; 100% of display area visible for maximum flexibility;...
  • Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing: Enigma ™ monolith
    Enigma ™ monolith
    Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing
    The Enigma™ monolith affords a simple yet effective sign and wayfinding solution. Its modular construction allows graphic panels to be custom designed for a range of locations, reflecting the character, landscape and...
  • Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing: Wayfinding Totem
    Wayfinding Totem
    Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing
    A simple yet elegant way to control your visitors and keep them up to date with events, our Wayfinding Totems are manufactured from Iroko hardwood and can be finished with permanently engraved messages or snap frames for...
  • Furnitubes International: Doric Fingerpost Signage
    Doric Fingerpost Signage
    Furnitubes International
    The Doric fingerpost is a composite directional signage post that utilises the Doric cast iron bollard with its decorative fluted sides as a robust base and a galvanised steel core column. The finial and finger arms are cast...
  • Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing: Poster Display Totem
    Poster Display Totem
    Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing
    For posters large and small, our Poster Display Totem offers flexible messaging using easy to update snap frames mounted to a durable hardwood totem. For rural locations where traditional aluminium signs simply will not do,...
  • All Urban: Message Totem by LAB23
    Message Totem by LAB23
    All Urban
    Designer: URBAN Design The load-bearing structure of the one-sided totem MESSAGE is made in steel sheet, 30/10 thickness. The base of the totem (dim. 180 X 850 mm) is made in polished stainless steel AISI 316 , 80/10...
  • Shelley Signs: Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) interpretation signage
    Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) interpretation signage
    Shelley Signs
    Shelley Signs Ltd has over 35 years experience designing and producing bespoke signs and panels in a variety of materials. The company is best known for its interpretive signs and panels used in countryside and heritage...
  • Greenbarnes: A-Multi aluminium external noticeboards
    A-Multi aluminium external noticeboards
    A-Multi powder-coated aluminium noticeboards are available in a range of configurations and styles, eg single- or double-sided; decorative or contemporary; 2- or 3-bay. Contemporary noticeboards have plain round posts;...
  • Trueform: Legible London Wayfinding Fingerpost
    Legible London Wayfinding Fingerpost
    Trueform design, manufacture and install a range of fingerposts and arm signage systems to suit various locations and needs. A full range of configurations, materials, fonts and colours are available.
  • Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing: Life ring signs
    Life ring signs
    Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing
    The Life ring sign from Fitzpatrick Woolmer is a high visibility display board with secure attachment for a lifebuoy. It features a sturdy timber frame with clear instructions printed on durable plastic for excellent...
  • Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing: Outdoor wooden interpretation displays
    Outdoor wooden interpretation displays
    Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing
    Our free standing and lectern format interpretation display boards are perfect for getting your message where it needs to be to engage and enthrall your visitors. Try our range of attractive and rustic wooden interpretation...