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  • AUTOPA: VELOPA Cambridge - classic cycle shelter, 8-10 bikes
    AUTOPA: VELOPA Clifton - classic cycle stand, 2 bikes
    AUTOPA: VELOPA Mesh - secure bicycle locker, 1 bike
    AUTOPA: VELOPA vertical cycle rack
    AUTOPA: AUTOPA fixed height restrictor
    AUTOPA: VELOPA Canterbury - classic cycle shelter, 8-10 bikes


    AUTOPA Limited is a leading UK based manufacturer of car and cycle parking solutions. Since patenting the original Parking Post in 1959 we have worked to continually improve the street scene in the UK. Our extensive product range is separated into three brands: AUTOPA, VELOPA and AUTOPA open spaces. The AUTOPA brand specialises in products that...
    Cottage Leap, Rugby, CV21 3XP
    Phone: 01788 550556  Fax: 01788 550265  Visit website
  • Frontier Pitts: PAS 68 Terra Swing Gate (Terra Road Closer) 7.5t @ 50mph
    Frontier Pitts: IWA14 Terra Shallow Blocker 7.2t @ 50mph
    Frontier Pitts: IWA14 Rising Terra Universal Bollard
    Frontier Pitts: Security height road blockers
    Frontier Pitts: PAS 68 Terra Compact barrier - 3.5t @ 30mph
    Frontier Pitts: PAS 68 Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gate 7.5t @ 50mph

    Frontier Pitts

    Frontier Pitts is an acknowledged leader in perimeter security equipment. The company's products are all British-made and, with 20% of production exported, it currently has equipment installed in more than 91 countries worldwide. From the UK headquarters in Crawley, Frontier Pitts provides a complete range of services including design, site...
    Crompton House, Crompton Way, Manor Royal Industrial Estate, Crawley, RH10 9QZ
    Phone: 01293 548301  Fax: 01293 560650  Visit website
  • Bailey Streetscene: Bromley cycle shelter
    Bailey Streetscene: Manchester Cycle Shelter
    Bailey Streetscene: Sheffield Cycle Stand
    Bailey Streetscene: Heavy Duty Steel Hoop Barrier
    Bailey Streetscene: Hoop Barrier
    Bailey Streetscene: Safety Hoop Barrier

    Bailey Streetscene

    Bailey Streetscene, part of the Bailey Street Furniture Group, designs, manufactures and installs high quality external furniture. We service a broad cross section of markets, including: education, commercial and retail, new build and regeneration projects, local authorities and the Ministry of Defence. Our strength lies with our ability to work...
    Adlington Business Park, London Road, Adlington, SK10 4NL
    Phone: 01625 855900  Visit website
  • Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF 8000 stainless steel cycle hoop
    Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF 651(ASF SS5)  stainless steel telescopic bollard
    Architectural Street Furnishings: Bespoke stainless steel sheep cycle stands - retail park
    Architectural Street Furnishings: Bike-shaped cycle stands for Halfords
    Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF bespoke bronze cycle stands for public realm
    Architectural Street Furnishings: Anti ram raid bollards protect Liverpool FC stadium

    Architectural Street Furnishings

    ASF is unique in the street furniture industry in that it is part of WB White Foundry, a UK based, working engineering foundry with a long history of producing not only great street furniture, but also cutting edge engineering components, sculptures and bespoke pieces of art, design and decor. As a result, ASF h the as capability to not only make...
    Priory Road, off Armytage Road, Brighouse, HD6 1PY
    Phone: 01484 401414  Fax: 01484 721398  Visit website
  • Langley Design Street Furniture: Combined cycle shelter and bin store for student campus
    Langley Design Street Furniture: Sedum Roof Secure Cycle Shelters for Modern Development
    Langley Design Street Furniture: Combination Shelters and Furniture Suite for University
    Langley Design Street Furniture: Green Roof Cycle Shelter and Bin Store - Stockley Park
    Langley Design Street Furniture: Street Furniture for Wakefield Divisional HQ
    Langley Design Street Furniture: Bespoke Cycle Shelter, Bath Spa University Newton Campus

    Langley Design Street Furniture

    Langley Design are skilled and experienced providers of street furniture. Specialists in the education sector and expert providers to all other sectors of the built environment. Quality street furniture products manufactured to order with a comprehensive range and the skills to match your specific design aspirations at competitive prices. Over the...
    Unit L (Gate 1), Chelworth Industrial Estate, Cricklade, Swindon, SN6 6HE
    Phone: 01793 759461  Visit website
  • Avon Barrier : GC1100CR PAS 68 high-impact hinged security gate
    Avon Barrier : RB880CR Defender high-security road blocker
    Avon Barrier : SG1500CR Armoured Vehicle Gate
    Avon Barrier : EB950 Triumph automatic security barriers
    Avon Barrier : CG1000 automatic cantilever sliding security gate
    Avon Barrier : TG1000 Groundtrack automatic sliding gate

    Avon Barrier

    Avon Barrier specialise in vehicle and pedestrian access control systems, our products range from our crash tested Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions to our parking barriers and include road blockers, sliding gates, bollards, rising arm barriers & turnstiles with a variety of security levels from controlling access to parking spaces to...
    149 South Liberty Lane, Ashton Vale Trading Estate, Bristol, BS3 2TL
    Phone: 0117 953 5252  Fax: 0117 953 5373  Visit website
  • Jacksons Fencing: Barbican Imperial® metal security swing gates
    Jacksons Fencing: Imposing automated swing gate - Eurotunnel, Calais
    Jacksons Fencing: Underground swing gate operators
    Jacksons Fencing: Automatic rising arm barriers
    Jacksons Fencing: Barbican cantilevered sliding metal security gates
    Jacksons Fencing: London Fire Stations choose Jacksons for refurbishment

    Jacksons Fencing

    Jacksons Fencing is a family owned business established in 1947. Jacksons Fencing initially manufactured timber fencing to serve the farming community and the public. Timber products are Jakcure® pressure-treated, conforming to BS 8417, and also come with a 25-year guarantee. From the mid 1980s Jacksons Fencing began production of steel fencing...
    Stowting Common, Ashford, TN25 6BN
    Phone: 0800 096 6360  Fax: 01233 750403  Visit website
  • Cycle-Works: Josta 2-tier cycle rack
    Cycle-Works: Velo-Safe space-efficient cycle locker for 1 bike
    Cycle-Works: Solent bicycle shelter and compound
    Cycle-Works: Lock2Me cycle stand
    Cycle-Works: Sheffield stands and variants
    Cycle-Works: Bicycle wall racks


    Cycle-Works was formed in 1996 and manufactures its own range of cycle parking products, as well as acting as a distributor for a number of well-known companies from around the world. In 1996, Cycle-Works was the first to install individual bicycle lockers in the UK at several sites, including train stations in Hampshire, a hospital and Park ...
    8-9 Rodney Road, Portsmouth, PO4 8BF
    Phone: 023 9281 5555  Visit website
  • Cyclepods: Streetpod cycle parking for 150 bikes for Barratt Homes
    Cyclepods: Cyclepods bike parking for Brighton & Sussex University
    Cyclepods: 450-bike cycle parking facility - Bristol Temple Meads
    Cyclepods: 200 cycle parking spaces - basement site at Canary Wharf
    Cyclepods: Turnkey 100-bike cycle hub for Lewes Train Station
    Cyclepods: Multi-level cycle hub for Leyton, London


    Cyclepods is all about bikes and cyclists. Our total focus is on helping cyclists feel more confident that their bikes are being held securely, and safely, in locations which fit with their travel and commuting plans. Cyclepods is one company with 3 brands; Cyclepods – Specialises in innovative products and services, designed specifically to...
    Unit 2, Betsoms Farm, Pilgrims Way, Westerham, TN16 2DS
    Phone: 01959 546046  Visit website
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Ypsilon Shelter
    Artform Urban Furniture: Cruna Cycle Stand
    Artform Urban Furniture: Reset Cycle Rack
    Artform Urban Furniture: Spyra Cycle Rack
    Artform Urban Furniture: Ciclos Cycle Rack
    Artform Urban Furniture: Circle Cycle Stand

    Artform Urban Furniture

    Artform Urban Furniture, part of the Bailey Street Furniture Group, is at the cutting edge of integrated landscape design and our mission is to supply the world’s most aspirational and design-led street furniture products, to assist landscape architects, designers and specifiers bring their visions to life. Using our exclusive UK partnerships with...
    Adlington Business Park, London Road, Adlington, SK10 4NL
    Phone: 01625 877554  Visit website
  • NBB Outdoor Shelters: Sheffield Cycle Stands
    NBB Outdoor Shelters: Freestanding Cycle Shelter, Ormiston Park Academy
    NBB Outdoor Shelters: Bespoke cycle shelters for Vauxhall, Ellesmere Port
    NBB Outdoor Shelters: Bespoke Cycle Compound for RIAS, Bournemouth
    NBB Outdoor Shelters: Winterbourne freestanding cycle shelter with open front
    NBB Outdoor Shelters: Lansdowne Cycle Compound

    NBB Outdoor Shelters

    Founded in 1991, NBB Outdoor Shelters has become a leading manufacturer of smoking shelters. In addition to shelters our product range exceeds 150 variations of walkways, canopies, porches, cycle shelters and custom made shelters. If you are unsure of which shelter solution you need, we will be happy to make a site visit to determine your...
    Unit 5, Sterte Road Industrial Estate, Sterte Road, Poole, BH15 2AF
    Phone: 0800 177 7052  Fax: 0800 177 7053  Visit website
  • All Urban: Bicilinea Cycle Rack By Santa & Cole Urbidermis
    All Urban: Key cycle rack By Santa & Cole Urbidermis
    All Urban: Montana Cycle Rack By Santa & Cole Urbidermis
    All Urban: Key cycle stand by Santa & Cole
    All Urban: Artu' Cycle Stand By LAB23
    All Urban: B-Cycle combined bike stand and bench by LAB23

    All Urban

    All Urban is the exclusive UK supplier for Santa & Cole, award-winning suppliers of street furniture and outdoor lighting. Situated near Barcelona, world-renowned Santa & Cole represent the highest standards of urban street design and have worked on many significant developments across Europe. Working with lighting designers, landscape architects...
    Aizlewood's Mill, Nursery Street, Sheffield, S3 8GG
    Phone: 0114 282 1283  Fax: 0114 282 3463  Visit website
  • Zaun: 358 vehicle gates
    Zaun: Terror Stopper PAS 68 static bollards
    Zaun: MRA PAS 68 manual rising arm barriers
    Zaun: 358 pedestrian gates - welded mesh infills
    Zaun: Twin-wire vehicle gates
    Zaun: Individually lockable steel bike lockers


    Founded in 1996 by Alastair Henman and Paul Painter, Zaun Ltd is a privately owned company manufacturing perimeter fencing systems in the UK on a 5-acre site in the West Midlands. Zaun is a key player in the UK fencing market due to continued investment in personnel, modern machinery and production software. Zaun offers a complete service from...
    Steel Drive, Wolverhampton, WV10 9ED
    Phone: 01902 796699  Visit website
  • Bike Storage Company: Original cycle shelter for 10 bikes - BREEAM-compliant
    Bike Storage Company: Moon cycle shelter for 10 bikes
    Bike Storage Company: Amazon Eco cycle shelter for 10 bikes
    Bike Storage Company: Cambridge cycle shelter for 10 bikes
    Bike Storage Company: Chelsea cycle shelter for 10 bikes
    Bike Storage Company: Oxford cycle shelter for 10 bikes

    Bike Storage Company

    The Bike Storage Company provides commercial bike storage solutions across the UK. Products are designed, independently tested and made in the UK. Site surveys, layout plans, consultation, design, fabrication, delivery and installation as well as a full proactive maintenance programme...
    Marina Studios, Harbour Yard, London, SW10 0XD
    Phone: 0800 246 1723  Visit website
  • Furnitubes International: Letterform® steel cycle stands
    Furnitubes International: Telescopic bollards
    Furnitubes International: Kenton bollard
    Furnitubes International: Fin - galvanised steel or stainless steel cycle stand
    Furnitubes International: Nordic 2 multi-loop steel cycle stand
    Furnitubes International: TRL600 S Transport cycle stand, stainless steel

    Furnitubes International

    We thrive in the outdoors and we are on a mission to get more people outside! With over 70 years of experience designing and manufacturing street furniture – all of our products are rigorously prototyped and revised to withstand the test of time and the elements of the great outdoors. Our products are made in the UK from recycled steel enabling us...
    Unit 9.1.1, The Leather Market, Weston Park, London, SE1 3ER
    Phone: 020 8378 3200  Visit website